Monday, January 19, 2009

Incredible Nincompoops

There's something that just occurred to me a few minutes ago. I'm surprised that I didn't notice it before. Like all of the incredibly stupid super villains in the comic books, these idiots will snatch defeat from the jaws of victory by monologuing. Instead of taking a small victory and moving on from there they will stand and scream about how pitiful we are and how inevitable our defeat is and just as soon as their lawyers get hold of the video tapes (or the reports or their case files or the incoherent scribblings in their cell) we will all be out of work and the prison will be closed down forever.

They have yet to realize that while one of us is standing there listening, everyone else is regrouping and forming a new plan. Plus, they also don't realize that listening to all that blather really irritates us. And considering that we are literally "the hand that feeds them", it's not all that good to irritate us.

I just thought I'd bring that up.

Monologuing is so silly.


  1. Hey, if Shakespeare could do monologues, why not you?

  2. Are they monologues are soliquies? "Get me some soap, MF'er, or I'll kill you and your whole family and then sue the state!" Hahahah, I'll get right on that, sir.

  3. The only time I monologue is on here. I wait until after the fact. That's when they should do it, too. They just haven't figured that out yet.
    I think soliloquies are meant to be more speaking aloud, but only to yourself. These guys are monologuing. Or maybe it's just ranting. I'm not sure there's a difference. The whole thing just popped into my head and it reminded me so much of "The Incredibles" that I got the giggles.