Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Return Of Buck


After a triumphant tour of the prison hospital ward down the road, Buck is back on the camp. We're still carrying him on our numbers, but they decided to keep him up in our medical infirmary again.

But you could almost hear the puckering occur when the control center called and said he was back. And us with nowhere to put him. Oh sure, we have a "bed" for him. In a cell with a regular General Population inmate. We wouldn't have even gotten the door open. He would have said "I'm not going in there!" and the other guy would have said "He's not coming in here!" and it would have been a real mess. Our house was completely full when I left it tonight. We had to put a guy who wanted protective custody in a suicide cell. He wasn't too happy about it but there was nowhere else for him to go. I keep asking for a "No Vacancy" sign but they won't authorize us one.

Luckily for us someone with some sense was up in medical tonight. They knew we couldn't keep him and made the decision. I don't know why he came back. I'm not high enough on the food chain to get that kind of info on a regular basis. My guess is, they got tired of him and just decided to send him back when nobody was looking.

What do you want to bet when I get in tomorrow that he's either in the house or there will be a grand fight going on because they are trying to send him to us?


  1. That's the one, Loops. You can actually hear his brain making noise when he thinks. It sounds like a dozen ping pong balls in a wind tunnel. Scary.