Tuesday, January 27, 2009


It's been sleeting now since about seven o'clock monday night. Steadily. The drive home last night was a little tense. So it was going in and back home today. I'm not that worried about me. I lived in Alaska for four years and I have a pretty good handle on driving on icy roads. It's the other people I'm worried about. They tend to do stupid and unexpected things.

But I made it there and back again, obviously. Not a whole lot happening, as most things were shut down. Can't do any rec because the yard is covered in about four inches of sleet. Can't take the little darlin's out in that. All they have to wear on their feet in Adseg is shower shoes. Their little piggies would freeze. Most likely one of the little nits would fall down and hurt himself. So no rec, and not much else to do. A calm night, for a change.

I'm not used to having nothing to do.

Went out and searched a few cells, just for fun. Got grumbled at. No big deal.

But it was on the way out something kind of nice happened. It was weird and cool.

Me and Chuck were walking out. There was some sort of argument going on in the lieutenants office so we skirted through and burned out quick.

Got up to the main gate and I heard this sweet noise.

Tinkling...... ringing like tiny sleighbells off in the distance.

I held up my hand and we just stopped and listened for a second. It was cool.

Sleet falling through the razor wire on top of the fence.

It was the neatest sound I had ever heard inside the prison.

It made my night.


  1. A perfect moment. The Lotus growing from the mud.

  2. Wow, that does sound cool! I almost said "wish I could hear that" but then thought, which side of the razor wire would I be on?

    (foribuhe)<--a victorian hairclip made of horsehair and walrus ivory

  3. the cold thing happened here yesterday (on my way to work).

    i was on the interstate doing about 50 in the slow lane and people were passing me doing about 70 (it was super slick out).

    i said to myself, there's gonna be a wreck, traffic will be held up, i'm gonna be pissed because some asshole can't slow down.

    sure enough, 5 miles up the interstate some dumb ass in a four wheel drive was upside down and had crashed into a little car.

    fortunately no one was seriously hurt.

    i drive fast with the best of them but know when to slow down.

  4. Guy- It was really cool. You described it exactly. It was a bhodissatva moment. A sautori.

    Auntie- I wish I had had a way to record it. I would have put a clip of it up here. It was probably much better in context, but it was still a cool sound.

    g- I'm glad someone knows how to drive with the right head. I've learned to despise knuckleheads on both sides of the razor wire.

  5. wow....who woulda thunk it?
    But a totally cool moment.
    thanks rev