Thursday, January 15, 2009

Oy! A Day Off?

What a day off. Just to be non-correctional for a change. Went to an estate auction. It was blue cold out side (somewhere between 0 and 10) so I figured not many people would show.


The place was packed. And the place was packed before the people got into it. The hall was only rated for 175 people and I'll bet there was 200 if there was one. Hokey smokes!

The auction was the estate of some woman who apparently had a bad case of OCD and her main hobby was watching QVC and buying things. They said it was a two bedroom apartment and was packed floor to ceiling with stuff. And she bought multiples of things and most of the stuff never even made it out of the packaging. They told me there were just paths from one room to another.

We went there at 9:30 in the morning, half an hour before it was to start and we were number 72 in the bidding. And there were alot more people without numbers. And we went there because they had a treadmill that my wife wanted.

And guess....... just guess, which item out of the thousands there was the VERY LAST FREAKING THING they auctioned off?

Need a hint? I didn't think so.

We managed to get home about 6pm. So a good eight and a half hours milling around in that crush of rude people. Had me a bit on edge, to say the least. In the mean time we bought several cartons of books, a leather box with some old pictures in it, a small box with some silver coins, about 50 various kitchen utensils and more books. There were so many boxes of books the guy got tired of doing them one at a time and said "This whole table full of boxes here.... whaddalya gimme?" The wife bid $17.00 and bought the lot. So when I came trudging back from dumping the last load she pointed to the table and said "I bought all those, too." I almost cried. I need to buy stock in Advil.

It took some clever stacking to leave a space fort our daughter to ride. And we had to go home and unload the books and go back for the treadmill. Oy!

I ended up getting six really good really big books and a whole set of Time-Life "Lost Civilizations" books. And about $20.00 in old silver coins. And some old pictures for a friend of mine at work who's into that sort of thing. And a treadmill for the wife.

It was worth it, I guess.

But I'm gonna be sore tomorrow.

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  1. What? No ceramic clowns were there that you wanted to procure to place on your mantel?

    (ement)<--failed cement, cuz you forgot the most important ingredient.