Monday, January 12, 2009

Sick Day 1

Called in sick this morning. Woke up feeling like crablegs with all the meat sucked out of them. I really bad wanted to go back to sleep, but I couldn't. I got up at 5am and tried to call in but nobody was answering the phone. Strange. Anyway, I kept trying to call and call and it would ring and ring....


I kept calling and the more nobody answered the more nervous I got. I thought there must be something seriously wrong or the phone lines were down.

Finally, at about 7:05 (about the time I usually get down to the house) somebody answered the phone. Talked to the captain and told him I wasn't coming in. We're supposed to call in an hour before shift. I explained that I had been trying since five. He was mystified. My guess is, I'll get written up for calling in late.

No big deal.

Anywho, I think I'll go take a nap. I should have saved myself the aggravation and gone to work. Maybe I'll feel better tomorrow.


  1. chicken soup with NO bacon! Off with you! to nap you must go!.....I've had bosses who purposely do not answer the phone. mean ole bosses

    (chlog) hopefully is not the sound you are making

  2. Sick on your Friday? I smell bulls***!!! Just kidding, Rev, hope you get to feeling better.

  3. I had some chicken soup, Loopy. And a bit of rest. Been sitting on my butt all day and it's driving me crazy. I'm not used to this.

    BA- I wish it were my friday. Tomorrow is. But if I'm still feeling this bad I won't be in then, either. Feels like a deranged chiropractor is running up and down my spinal column beating things out of whack with a hammer.

  4. My poor poor we Revvie. I hope you are feeling better tomorrow and suffer no aggro for calling in LATE.

    (siberate)<-- the process of sending a bad bad person to Siberia for a little R & R.

  5. Well..... It's somebody's Friday damnit ;)