Thursday, January 1, 2009


Daughter and I stayed up to watch the ball drop and then toddled off to bed. That was the latest I had stayed up in a long time. Intentionally, anyway. There have been a few sleepless nights when I was technically awake and not happy about it. Good damn thing I didn't have to get up and work this morning. That would have been bad news for someone, I'm sure.

I guess my mental state shows on my face too well. When I'm having a really bad day, ninety nine percent of the offenders suddenly get real quiet and polite. That last one percent usually end up having a worse day than I am. I try really hard not to let my personal and professional life cross over each other but I'm only human. Or at least from humanoid stock. Sometimes I can't help it. It would make me schizo to try and keep the two completely separate. Or more schizo that I already am, anyway. I think you gotta be a little crazy to do this. And actually, we discovered a new catch phrase: "You don't have to be crazy to work here. We'll train you!"

So Happy New Year to all and to all a good morning. I'm off to do the honey do's that I do so well. (grin)


  1. I never have to stay up on New Years Eve. I am usually awakened by gunfire at midnight and then I know it's over and I go back to sleep.

  2. I got up to pee at 11:59, so I got to celebrate in a non-traditional way.

    (ouroma)<-- the smell of us collectively.

  3. And a Very Happy New Year to you also!