Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Ok, so it sleeted for like eighteen hours straight and then snowed for eight hours after that. We got six good inches of sleet and then another four or five inches of snow on top of the sleet. And the first thing those twits in the cells ask me when I come in is "Are we gonna get rec tonight?"


I'm not going out there to shovel out a path to the rec cages and inside the cages so they can go out for five minutes and start crying because they're cold. And my porters were all busy doing other things and we didn't have time to get to cleaning out the rec yard. Because the knuckleheads out on the yard were too busy getting into fights and checking in from each other.

And I had already hurt my back shoveling out the driveway just so I could get out and get to work. I spent most of the night standing up because it hurt to sit down and hurt even worse to stand up again. Even now I'm having a hard time sitting here long enough to type this. I have to keep getting up and stretching out so I can sit down and type some more. It sucks.

Man, I hate getting old.

I may not make it in tomorrow. I may spend the day flat on my back pumped full of muscle relaxers and slathered with Icy Hot.

Getting old sucks.

I just wanted to make myself clear on that.


  1. I love donnas brutal honesty....:)
    But i know where you are coming from Darev...I first noticed by back hurting during raking leaves, then it was hoeing the garden, now shoveling is added to it, but the twins do most of the shoveling now. I can't sit on an unpadded chair for long, and god forbid i have to sit on one of those folding metal chairs! yup getting old sucks
    loopy of mommydom