Friday, January 9, 2009

A Real Sumbitch Of A Day

Normally fridays are a pretty relaxed day. The end of the week.. Nobody wants to do anything... Hah!

Not today.

Today everybody in the world wanted to come to the Adseg house for some reason or another and camp out forever.

They came down to team seven major violations and took forever on each one. The investigator came down and talked to everyone in D-Wing. Three..... no, four! Pshrinks. Seven lockups with number eight coming down the walk as I was leaving. And some knucklehead who got locked up and said "I'm not going into any cell except the one with my friend in it. And you can't make me." He was still sitting in C-wing on the restraint bench as I left.

I think Sarge read five or six violations, maybe more. That plus lunch, two counts and two med passes and two room moves.

And to top it all off, the freakin' Warden come wandering up into the bubble while I'm running back and forth opening and shutting doors like a man possessed. He starts talking about our new camera system and how nice the picture is, and playing with the remote control..... Just about drove me to distraction.

After he hangs out for about half an hour, he takes out a piece of paper and makes some notes and asks me "Any complaints?"

I successfully bit back the obvious retorts and thought for a sec. I said "We gots no freakin' paper towels! And they say we are going to run out of latex gloves! That aint good!" I think we may score some supplies out of the deal, if nothing else.

I was glad when he left. Nice enough guy, but he picks the wrong times to come hang out sometimes.

Was real happy to see third shift come in.


  1. dude - i have one of those sponge smiley faces perched on my 'puter.

    "have a happy f***ing day" :-)

  2. I just wanted to compliment you. You did a fine job, what with all of us in all the wings at the same time. I hope you didn't get a case of "Bubble Finger" from hitting all those buttons, not to be confused with "Bubble Butt" mind you.

  3. YOu know have to have days like that one to be able to appreciate the good ones, and hey maybe the towels and gloves WILL show up.
    da loop

  4. hope your days are getting better in the house.

    (paseek)<--a naked version of hide and seek, called pahide and paseek.