Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Wide Vocabulary

I hadn't really realized until I got this new computer exactly how many words I had added to the dictionary of the old one over the last five or six years.

But it seems like almost every other sentence contains a word that I had to go ahead and add.

Those that are spelled correctly, anyway.

'Course, alot of the words I use aint correct. Like 'alot' and 'aint' for example.

I will usually cruise right along and hammer out two or three sentences before I look up at the 'puter screen to see what it is I have done. And then I'll see all of these squiggly red lines under half of the words I have used. Then I go back and add them to the dang dictionary.

And if I go back and pull up an old post or a story, there they are again. And instead of waltzing down memory lane with an old tale, I'll be grumbling and updating my dictionary again.

I'll be glad when I get most of my favorite words in this thing so it will quit making me grumble.

It would have been interesting to have kept track of the number of words I have added. Alot of the admittedly are names and don't really count. The other day I used the phrase "a classic beauty, like Hepburn" and it didn't hiccup at all on her name. But if I put in Banty or Gums or Frankenjerk.... there are those squiggly lines again....

Ah well. It keeps me off the streets I guess. Probably a good thing, in the long run.

March 17th is, as you surely know, St. Patricks day. (had to add Patricks there) And it is also Submarine Day. I guess it will be a wild day of celebration for the Irish Submarine Fleet. The thought of a hangover at sea gives me the heebie-jeebies.

And then I added heebie-jeebies. Joy.


  1. My computer knows only "bantum" but not bantie. Ain't is acceptable to it as long as I use the apostrophe.

  2. This post made me chuckle. :)

  3. My dictionary doesn't believe in onomatopoeia. There is always a red squiggly under it now matter how many times I look it up just to make sure. But I refuse to add it on principle. My dictionary should be smart enough to know that onomatopoeia is a real word.

    You should add jerkface to the dictionary. You may want to use it once or twice in your life.

  4. Donna- I imagine I'll stop putting words into the dictionary when i stop writing. Probably never.

    Misty- That's the reaction I was hoping for. If I can't amuse somebody I'm doing it wrong.

    Chanel- Let me try that one. Onomatopoeia. Wow! It took it! What the snap?