Friday, March 11, 2011

Maintenance Issues

Ya gotta just wonder about our maintenance department some times. And just what, or if, they think about what they are doing before they do it.

We got our new yard shack back in October. It already had two cracked windows, one of which broke completely out the first week. They broke them when they were building the shack.

When they declared it done, there was no trim around the insides of the windows. So if you sat back in a chair you got drywall chalk all over your black coat.

This afternoon they came and started putting trim around the windows. They got about half of it done and it looks nice.

At first glance, anyway.

One end of the shack has a door and the other had an openable window. So on nice nights we could let a breeze through. You will not the past tense I used there. We had an openable window.

But when they came to trim it out they jammed the trim into the extrusions on the window frame until they bit about a quarter of an inch into the wood. Then they screwed them in tightly, effectively jamming the window completely shut. As a matter of fact, they forced them in so tight that you can't even unlock it anymore let alone open it. I suspect that they warped the frame.

Sometimes I honestly wonder who they hire for these jobs. Now I know that the inmates do alot of the maintenance work around the camp. I suspect that they did that on purpose just because they are inmates and we are officers and they know it will piss us off.

But if they are doing that kind of crap work and getting away with it, somebody obviously isn't supervising them very well.

So many things around the camp are a hundred years old and falling apart. And the one thing we have that's new they have made worse by trying to fix it.

Fer gawds sakes. I can live with the white snit on my coat. Heck, I've put up with it for almost six months now. Just give us our window back!

Ah well. Tomorrow is Johnny Appleseed Day and Worship of Tools Day. Hoo yeah. I can worship me some tools, alright!

Saturday is Alfred Hitchcock Day. Yikes. As long as there are no birds in my rear window, I won't get vertigo.

And Sunday is Jewel Day. I don't know if it's pretty rocks or that pretty little singer. Either way, enjoy. Have a little of both.

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  1. I know what you mean. In our bubble when it rains the ceiling leaks. Maintenances fix was to put a big plastic tile in with a hose running to a bucket so instead of the water draining on us it goes into the bucket. Guess the roofs hole was to big to plug so they used inmate engineering to improve the situation. At least they work cheap hahahahaha