Saturday, March 5, 2011

There's A New CO In The World!

I really hope I don't get whacked upside my head for that picture. But it's cute and a new mom showing off her baby is always something, isn't it?

I had meant to post this the other night but the storm threw the luggage in my head in all directions and I forgot. Do forgive me.

Sometime during the early hours of Friday morning Sgt and Miz Archer gave birth to a baby girl. Well, mostly she did.

I don't know all of the details about exact time and size and weight and all of that stuff that always seems so important. But I was told that her name is Abagail Lane Archer. Her and mommy are doing fine and daddy is expected to recover anytime in the next eighteen years or so.

Knowing those two she probably came out wearing a little camouflage diaper and clutching a tiny compound bow in her little fist. And I have no doubt that instead of that weird baby smell they all seem to have, she will be doused in scent blocker and smell like nothing at all so she doesn't scare off the deer.

Little Miss Abagail Lane is going to have an interesting life. As are her new proud parents. Let's all hope for the best for all of them and when you see Miz or the Sarge tell them congratulations.

And just for my own self preservation I will state right now that I'm pretty sure she looks nothing like the new baby in the picture above.


  1. Judging form the picture she otter be a cute one.

  2. Anon- Great. If I don't get whacked for the picture, I'm sure I'll get whacked for that comment!