Saturday, March 26, 2011

Footsore Friday

I'm sure glad this week is over. I have walked and walked and walked! Except for my one day in the comm room, I have been on the yard every day this week. And even that day I had to trot down to 10 house because they smelled smoke.

The Fireman has been on vacation and they put me in his spot again today. And of course, it was his night to do the Del Norte walk. And because Sgt Uncle Buck made ET (also known as "The Boy") do count and relief at 3 house, I got to do that walk again tonight.

Ah well. I don't mind doing it so much. Gets me off by myself for twenty minutes or so. And it got me good and warmed up. Temps in the low 40's today and wet. It didn't actually rain on us but it was quite wet and cold.

Monday they have me scheduled for A-yard yet again but Tuesday I'm 11-7 in Main Production. Yuck. I hate going in early. It's not that it's alot of work. I have to walk around now and then and do alot of pat searches. It's just the getting there early part I don't care for.

I'll survive.

So I guess I'll go over the weekend lineup and toddle off to night-night land.

Saturday is Make Up Your Own Holiday Day and Spinach Festival Day. I guess if I lived closer I'd cruise over to Chester, Illinois for the Spinach Festival. I've always been a Popeye fan. I'd be interested to know what holidays anybody made up.

Sunday is National "Joe" Day . Think I'll have a big cup of Joe to celebrate.

And Monday is Something On A Stick Day. I'll bet Jeff Dunham likes this one! Ole!


  1. I'm sorry your feet hurt. Are you gellin' like a felon? They help, you know.

    If Monday is stuff on a stick day then I'm totally having a cake pop.

  2. Make up your own holiday, huh? Is it too late to declare this, "Everyone, Give all your money to people named Bryan spelled with a 'y' day"?

  3. Chanel- I need some new insoles, no doubt. But this cake pop thing has me wondering....

    Bryan- I can just hear all the false claimers now... I'm Bryan! No! I'm Bryan and so is my wife!

  4. Joe day? Should be a national holiday.