Sunday, March 20, 2011

My Poor Office

I had decided that this was going to be the weekend that I tore out the nasty old carpeting in my office and replace it with tile. I wasn't even going to try to do the laminate flooring thing like I did in the living room. It was just going to be a simple rip out and self adhesive tile job.

No big deal.
Started packing up my junk and hauling it into the spare bedroom. Unloading the book shelf and carrying in the piles of books, gathering up all of the tools in one place, packing up piles of comic books and loose papers I had scattered all over the joint.

That alone took quite a few trips.
Obviously I saved my desk and computer for last. I had no intention of being without internet access for an extended time. I saved it and the small desk and the adirondack chair. The small desk became a work bench and staging area. And the chair is where the wife sits when she comes in to visit and remember who this strange man in the other room is.

I don't get out much, you see.

I thought to myself "Before I go ahead and break everything down and tear out the carpet, I'll go pick up the tile I need. That way I can just do it all at once and be done with it."

Well, that didn't work too well, as you can see.

I had some pretty specific ideas about what I wanted in the way of tile and apparently that's not readily available around here. I figured that basic colors, like red and black and white, would be regular stock. Okay, maybe not the red so much, but just plain black? And just plain white?

Come on! What's the deal here?

So I changed my plans and figured out a way to do what I wanted with a nice neutral gray. That would have worked, except they didn't have enough of that. I would have been one box short and would have had to wait until their next shipment came in next week.

What do you want to bet that if I had started with the gray and waited to finish it the company would have discontinued that color or changed the formula by the time the next shipment came in? Five will get you twenty.

So now I'm back to square one. Got a tore up office. Can't find any of my stuff. Aint got no freaking tile, neither!

There's a flooring place up the road that isn't open on weekends. I'm gonna try there when I can. There's an outside chance I can run with my original plan.

If not, I'll back up and think of something else.



  1. I had to touch up the paint on a spot on the front of my house a few years ago where that paint was chipping and peeling. I tore off a chunk, took it down to Lowe's and told them, "I need this exact color." Well, of course it wasn't the exact color. It was close, but since I wasn't painting the whole house it needed to be perfectly the same. So now there's a patch that doesn't quite match the rest. What're you gonna do?

    P.S. A prison guard with piles of comic books, I love it.

  2. You should have just gone online and ordered the tiles, and then after the tiles arrived and you confirmed there was enough and they were the correct color you could have torn up the office. Or you could have gone to the store before the dismantling.

    I'm curious about the tile you wanted though. Is there not a picture available of what you had in mind?

  3. Bryan- I made signs for years and had to try and match paint colors to old faded stuff several times. It's a cast iron beeotch, let me tell you. One day I'll scatter out my comic books and all my toys and take a picture for you. It's not real impressive, but I have lots.

    Chanel- I probably could have ordered them, but I figured the stuff would be locally available. Silly me. Since I'm always on this big Resident Evil kick, I thought it would be cool to do the Umbrella Corp logo in tile in the middle of my floor. I know it's silly, but it's my office. But since I'm having trouble finding the right stuff I decided I can just do it with vinyl and stick it to the floor instead. It's easier and if worse comes to worse it's removable.

  4. why the hell is it that these places are never open on the weekends so the working class can pop in and remodel their hard earned abodes? I have been trying to "flip" the formal dinning room into a playroom for Tink and have yet to start because the paint store is closed on the weekend. It's almost like they want you to pay someone to do it for you on the weekday.

  5. Is there a pool started on how long it takes you to put any flooring down again. I'm claiming mid-june.

  6. Atypical Scott- It's a conspiracy to make you hire contractors. The same way they make cars now that you can't work on yourself. Evil swine!

    Anon- That's a low blow. I want my stuff back too bad to wait that long.

  7. I haven't seen Resident Evil. Is that a movie or game? Either way, it sounds scary. I don't do scary. So I have no idea what the Umbrella thing is, but designs for office floors are way better than plain office floors. So I like the way you think!

  8. Chanel- It's a series of movies and games both. Zombies and monsters and hot babes with big guns. It's definitely a guy thing. Look it up on Wikipedia. They'll give you the rundown without the scary bits.