Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I Did My Duty

Being Wednesday, it was my comm room night, of course. I was hoping for a calm night, or at least one with little or no walking involved after spending the last two nights on the yard.

Alas, it was not to be.

I usually listen to the radio up there with half an ear. I'm not really supposed to respond to anything from up there since I'm the only one.

So when they called the Code 70 (fire) in 10 house, I didn't really pay that much attention. But after a few seconds passed and I did some mental math in my head, a small dim light went on in my brain.

Who is on the fire brigade other than me? Sgt's McGiggles, Homer and Archer. The watcher and me.

Oh snap. I'm the only one here!

Called the Lt and told him where I was and that I was going. Grabbed a set of yard keys in case I needed to get through any gates, tossed the comm room keys in the chuck hole in the control center and burned out.

On the way a bazillion thoughts were running through my mind:

"Man, I hope nothing's really on fire!"

"I wish they had given me some sort of freaking training on what I was supposed to do!"

"I really hope nothing's actually on fire!"

"Should I have gotten a different set of keys?"

"I really really hope nothing is on fire down there! Snap!"

Fortunately it took me so long to trot down there that several people beat me to it. They had already evacuated all of the inmates and were outside counting them. Lt Farmer and Sgt Time and Miz Fawkes were searching the building.

Somebody had smelled what they thought was something electrical burning and made the call. By the time I got there, it had dissipated. Not surprising, considering we had 22 mph winds outside.

We checked the place over pretty thoroughly and couldn't find anything burning. With a huge sigh of relief, I called over the radio to cancel the Code 70.

Man! I was glad nothing was actually on fire! They might have expected me to do something about it!

I gotta get me some training. Soon.

Since I didn't get to organize my office (more on that later) and I did have chips but no dip, I can only consider today to be a partial victory.

However, tomorrow is National Chocolate Covered Raisins Day. I'm stopping on the way in and getting me a big box of Raisinettes on the way to work. I'll be able to get this one right, I just know it!


  1. Maybe you should have grabbed a bucket of water. :)

  2. seems like those of us who work in public safety receive the least amount of training! glad nothing was burning.... inmates probably enjoyed the extra little bit of yardtime :)

  3. It's always a good day when you rush to put out a fire that isn't there.

    So much better than the days when you rush to put out the fire that IS there.

    How are you on fire brigade if you haven't been trained?

  4. Misty- I would have drank it before I got there. It was a long walk.

    Sherri- Enough training isn't in the budget. yet they all scream when we do something we haven't been trained for and screw it up.

    Chanel- I hope I never have to respond to a real fire. I have no idea what to do other than call the fire department. Throw some water at it. I volunteered. They said they'd train me later. Hah!