Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lost My Rhythm

They sent me down to the Hive tonight. A perfect place to be on Be Nasty Day.

Unfortunately I was in the bubble so I could be as nasty as I wanted to be. At least, not to the inmates, anyway.

But it's been long enough since I was down there with any regularity that I have lost my handle on the flow of the house.

I gots no rhythm anymore.

Of course, with the exception of Sgt LB and BG (who wasn't in tonight) it's a whole new crew down there than the one I was used to. And, as people are prone to do, they have changed things and altered the routines to fit themselves.

I'm not saying anything bad about the crew down there. They have to modify things to fit their style so they can survive and do their jobs effectively. But it's different from the way we did things in my day down there.......

Oh snap. I just realized how old that makes me sound. "Well by golly in my day sonny, we did things alot different in the Adseg unit!"

Oooohhh... snap.

They kept me hopping up there, running back and forth and trying to keep up. I think I sat down for maybe ten minutes all night. And it was just like working the comm room. Every single time I tried to sit down or eat or go smoke or pee one of them was at a door banging on it to let them in or out.

Of course, some of them were doing it to me on purpose, just to be irritating. I expect that. If the situations were reversed, I would do the same. It's somewhat traditional.

Not being able to predict what they would be doing next, as I could with the old crew, kind of drove home the fact that the Hive isn't my house anymore. In a way it made me feel sort of sad. And in a way I'm content with that. I got away before it burned me out completely.

And there's no workman's comp or disability for burnout.

I'll be content to be an ex-Hive dawg and go on to other things and be myself. And I can visit the place for a day now and then to remind myself that I don't want to do that anymore and be happy.

Today was Be Nasty Day, as I mentioned before. Tomorrow is Panic Day, which worries me a little and also Ash Wednesday, which not being a Catholic I don't understand. Tomorrow is also Barbies birthday. She debuted in 1959 so she will be 52. Still looking hot, babe!

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