Saturday, January 1, 2011

Not So Unlucky After All

For an Unlucky Day, this one wasn't too bad. I guess the list meant it was going to be unlucky for someone else.

That works for me.

Sgt Archer came in and worked the yard with St Francis and I this evening. That was lucky.

I didn't have to do the Del Norte walk or the count-relief tonight. That was lucky.

Dinner was awful slop so it went amazingly fast. That was lucky.

And I didn't drive the cart once so I didn't have even a chance of hitting anything with it. I consider that to be pretty lucky.

And when the power started going off and on in various places and when the steam line broke over in the admin building I was nowhere near and didn't have to do anything about it. I just got to go home and let someone else deal with it. Got lucky again.

Nobody escaped and none of us got hurt.

Lucky lucky lucky all the way around.

You just can't beat that for a Friday night. Especially considering the tornado sirens were going off all over the place right before I left for work.

So, besides being New Years Day, what is tomorrow?

Let's find out.

The list says that the first day in January is both First Foot Day and Z Day.

I don't have a clue what the First Foot thing is all about, but the Z Day is for anybody whose name begins with "Z".

And I know a certain Z who just recently made Sergeant. Tomorrow is his day. Happy Day, Z!

Think I'll go make a few Z's myself now. Happy New Year, all!


  1. You can't beat having good luck. Happy New Year!

  2. I feel pretty lucky just reading about how lucky you were!


    Happy New Year!

  3. Just Plain Tired- It started out pretty good, anyway.

    Doc Rhoades- Glad I could make somebody feel lucky!