Monday, January 3, 2011

I Get To Wondering Sometimes

I really do wonder about how we do things here in Raccoon City. Sometimes I wonder if we're just eaten up with the stupids, sometimes.

I got to be the Education/Library officer tonight. Education runs all day, off and on. I come in and instead of relieving the education officer, we count together and make sure we both agree on the numbers. We have to count inmates in classrooms in two separate buildings.

Then we both sit there and chat for an hour while the rest of the camp locks down for count. And then as soon as count clears, he leaves.

I sit there for another half hour, then release all the offenders to chow.

Why not start them a half hour early, then release them back to their houses before count? Doesn't that make sense?

There I go, trying to make sense again.

And here I am, responsible for 100+ inmates when I can't see any of them unless I wander up and down the stairs and between two buildings. And if anything happens in that other building, there's at least two locked doors and a gate between me and them.

Just not well thought out, in my book.

After I clear education I mosey over to the library. Another do-nothing post. I suppose I'm actually there to protect the librarian if anything should happen. She's a nice lady.

But once again, there's nothing for me to do but read a book and make sure nobody's fighting or anything else starting with "f" between the shelves.

For the most part I don't do a blessed thing until it's time to close the library at 7:45. Then I call they yard and get permission to release them back to their houses.

I guess I shouldn't complain. I spent over half my shift sitting on my duff reading a book and talking to the librarian. At least I had time to leisurely eat my dinner instead of having to wolf it down in ten seconds and run off to do something. That was cool.

And after the library closed I got sent out on the yard where Yay! Sgt Uncle T was back from vacation! He was a little miffed because Sausage got himself pulled off the yard for an outcount. It left him with St Francis and a Noob, who nobody really knows yet. Uncle T seemed glad to see me.

I got to hear the whole Fear And Loathing On Vacation story about how all of his kids and grand kids came to visit. It definitely wasn't "A Christmas Story" if you know what I mean.

Dang! Today was Festival Of Sleep Day and I was awake through the whole thing! I've been gypped!

Tomorrow is Trivia Day and Humiliation Day.

Okay, I can do trivia. It's what I am. Not big on humiliation, though. I'll have to pass on that, thank you.


  1. Some work place policies never make sense. Sadly a lot of work places don't want to hear that though.

  2. How come the 'geniuses' who run all these operations are so dumb? That seems to be the way it always works because they don't know what it's like to do the actual job. Makes sense in their heads but not actually doing it.

  3. Just Plain Tired and Misty- 99.9% of our policies are written by people who have never worked inside any prison, let alone ours. That should not be allowed. But then, I'm not in charge, either.