Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Apparently, There Was Some Confusion

Last night I was out on A-yard with The Watcher and Sgt Archer.

It was a good night until they made me run.


I had been up on the hill during dining movement, going back and forth as the houses let out for chow, just keeping an eye on the little darlings so they would play nice.

It was blue cold and windy and there was this thick misty evil fog that refused to blow away in the wind. I think it made everybody a little crazy.

Bad things come in the fog.

At any rate, I was freezing bits of my anatomy off in the wind and decided to move down the yard towards dining more and stand in the lee of the handball court so it would block a little of the wind.

Watcher saw me standing up there and decided that was a good spot and joined me. We were just chatting about this and that and all of the sudden he looks down towards the chow hall and says "What the snap?" (or something like that) and starts running for the chow hall.

I hadn't seen anything but I followed on his heels for backup. Sure enough, there were two idiots duking it out in front of the chow hall. He grabs his radio in one hand and his pepper spray in the other. I hear him call "10-49! 10-49! In front of A-dining!"

Now I didn't hear the next radio transmission because I was focused on helping get the fight broken up and getting them cuffed up. But apparently someone up in the control center misheard and called the fight in front of B-dining. Sgt Uncle T told me they all came running out of B-dining going "Where? Where?" And poor Sausage (who apparently didn't hear it at all) was standing out in front of B-dining going "What???" and looking at everybody running out of the chow hall.

Watcher and Mr Coffee and I had them both cuffed up and moved out of the area before anybody else really knew what happened. When Sgt Archer called Lt Twitch to give him the names of the fighters, the Lt said "There was a fight?"

Like I said, I think the fog affected everybody. I'm just glad it wasn't snatching people. I hate it when that happens.

Well, tomorrow is National Popcorn Day. I sure hope nobody brings some microwave popcorn out to the yard! I'll have to tell you that story some day.


  1. Call me morbid, but fight stories are cool stories. That's why I go to hockey games. lol Glad you had a cool story to tell today. :)Now I am curious to know what they were fighting about.

  2. Misty- I'm not really sure, but I know both the combatants. One guy is real good at running up debts and not paying them. The other one is a known enforcer. He was probably trying to beat him up for not paying off. I suspect he got (or will get) paid for beating the other guy up. But since he did such a poor job of it, I hope he doesn't get paid much, if at all. Didn't even leave a mark on him.