Saturday, January 15, 2011

Running Late!

I was the bubble officer in the Hive tonight. And for a night in the Hive, it went pretty well.

We only got three lockups and none of our knuckleheads misbehaved.

In short, it was pretty boring. But for my Friday, I can accept that as a good thing.

There was a good bit of discussion as we had learned that Sgt Banty put in paperwork to be removed from his post as day shift Hive sergeant. Starting Monday morning the position is open. Who will bid on it? Who would even want it?

If I was a sergeant I wouldn't touch that spot with your proverbial ten meter cattle prod.

No Sirree Bob! Too many headaches. Too much activity. Too many supervisors. Way too much bullsnap for me!

I just had to add the word "bullsnap" to my dictionary. Whee!

At any rate, I had enough of the crap on day shift as a lowly bottom of the totem pole COI, I sure as heck wouldn't want it as a supervisor.

But some fool will want it and bid on it and most likely regret it.

Where was I ? Oh, yeah.

So when it was time to go home, the guys relieving the crew on the floor showed up and said "We haven't seen our bubble officer. We hope he's not sick or something."

I wasn't too worried. If he had called out, they would send somebody down pretty quickly.

Then Sgt Z showed up to relieve Sgt Miz P and said "I don't know where the bubble guy is. I hope they send someone down soon!"

Sgt Miz P acted like she wanted to wait and I told her to bounce. I could see a good long way up the walk and there wasn't anybody coming any time soon. There was no reason for her to hang around.

About fifteen minutes after she left the guy came puffing and blowing up into the bubble apologizing for being so late. Apparently one of his axles broke on the way to work and he ended up in a ditch about a mile down the road from the prison and he walked the rest of the way in.

I wasn't too worried about it. It's not like I was going to miss my train or something. Heck, I only live about seven miles down the road. And I figure if the guy put that much effort into getting there at all the least I could do is be gracious that he showed up at all.

So let's see what the weekend holds in store for us, shall we?

Saturday is Hat Day. That rocks. I'm all about hats. I hardly ever go anywhere without a hat of one kind or another.

Sunday is Hot and Spicy International Food Day and National Nothing Day.

I'm not so good on the hot and spicy food anymore. That stuff kills me. But if there's a reason to celebrate nothing I'm all over it!

And Monday, in case I don't cover it in time, is both Martin Luther King Day and Blessing of the Animals at the Cathedral Day.

Just imagine that, will you?


  1. National Nothing Day? Sounds like a bunch of nihilistic bullsnap to me.

  2. What? I am all over the hot and spicy, heartburn is bullsnap! (Yeah I’ll be sleeping sitting up)

  3. Bryan- Maybe it's a celebration of "Seinfeld". I'm sure there's nothing to it. (grin)

    Misty- I was sure that was already a word. Maybe it will go viral!

    Sunday- I will battle and subdue many a mighty antacid this day...