Friday, January 28, 2011

Missed Out On All The Fun

There was a time in the not too distant past, when if something went down and I didn't get a chance to get in on it, it pissed me off.

Especially uses of force.

It's not that I enjoy violence or anything. It's not. I'm actually a fairly peaceable person.

But if something went down and I wasn't in a position where I could at least try to get there and help it made me mad. Not at myself or anyone in particular, just in general.

If there was a 10-5 called and I was stuck in the comm room or in a bubble somewhere that I couldn't leave I would just run around in little circles and go "Yaaaaaaarg! Snap!" and other things like that.

Tonight I was out on the yard with Sausage and Sgt Archer (who was horribly sick and coughing all night, so don't blame me if I come down with it) and we had a pretty calm night. In between movements we sat around in the shack and listened to Sgt Archer cough and wheeze and groan and we offered homemade remedies. I gave him a pack of Theraflu I happened to have in my lunchbox. It didn't seem to help much. I told him to rub himself all over with Vicks and sleep in front of the vaporizer.

He just raised his eyebrow at me.

At any rate, I went off to do my Del Norte check after the movement. Just be-bopping along minding my own business, checking the fence.

Somewhere around zone 7 Uncle Scary drives up in the P-car and rolls down the window to shout at me "Why do we get to miss all of the fun? They had a 10-5 down in 10 house a few minutes ago and we missed it!"

Dang! But then the thought hit me "hey, I don't have to do any paperwork...... La la la....

By the time I hit zone 12 Kiss Fan drives up in the other P-car and tells me the same thing. Says it lasted about three minutes, which is a long time for a 10-5. Wow. Must have been a good one.

Then I get down to the sally port and Model A leans out the window and says "Hey! Did you hear they had a 10-5 in 10 house a few minutes ago? Sounds like it was a good one!"

I look up through the other gate and there's 10 house, not fifty feet away. I would have freaked if I had been in the sally port when they called that. Because even though I would have only been fifty feet away, I couldn't have gone. You cannot ever abandon the sally port. The only time that ever happens is if we have a tornado or something.

Apparently this little punk got mouthy and then got threatening and then shook a fist in an officers face and took a step towards him. Then it was on like Donkey Kong, as they say.

He got pepper sprayed twice and fought back and got banged up a little before they managed to get him under control. When I left all the adrenaline had worn off and he was crying about the pepper spray. I'll bet tomorrow he's going to be one sore critter and crying about that too.

Poor little punk. There goes his treatment program. I guess he can say goodbye to getting out of prison early.

So by the time I got back inside the fence again it was all over except the paperwork part, which they were still doing as I was leaving. I don't miss that part of it at all.

Yikes. Looks like we have a hat trick for tomorrow. A three-fer! Tomorrow is National Kazoo Day, Clash Day, Rattle Snake Round-Up Day.

I wonder if they mean clashing colors or the band? London calling.....

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  1. The older I get the less interested I'd be in getting in on the fun myself. Plus paperwork sucks. ;)