Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Yes, It Was Blue Cold

You know, one of these days something interesting is going to have to happen to me at work or this is going to turn into a blog about nothing more than the weather.

It's almost enough to make me bid back down to the Hive.

Almost, but not quite.

But yes, since someone did ask me, it was/is blue cold outside. I suspect he was a closet reader. The question caught me by surprise and what he asked me didn't sink in for a minute or two. I think the antifreeze in my brain was still a little slushy from the long cold walk from 2 house. Or, as I have referred to it before, the Land of Nod Where Nothing Ever Happens.

I think it was about 19 degrees when I left the house this afternoon. With wind gusts up to about 25 mph. Driving home it had dropped down to 15 on it's way to 9 and the wind is still gusting.

Blue as*ed freaking brr!

It was a bit humorous, though. I was the bubble officer in 2 house. Every now and then I would hear this weak cry and see some inmate with these big puppy dog eyes plastered to the sally port door, his lips blue and quivering as he scratched at the glass waiting for me to let him in the house. I'd look over at the window and say "What?" and their eyes would get just a little bigger and they would shiver and say "p-p-p-p-please let me in?"

It was just me and Tire Man and The Hungarian in the house tonight so we got to have a little fun now and then. No supervision.

There are times here when trying to have fun is an uphill battle. But we do try. However there are some people who take working in a prison way too seriously.

Those people just make this job harder for everyone. Me, I like larking about now and then. Makes the day go by just so much faster, it does.

Well, I didn't get to step in a puddle and splash a friend today. I suspect had I done so my friend would be frozen to the ground even as we speak. Probably a good thing I didn't, then.

Tomorrow is the Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day. Once again, I have absolutely no idea what this means. I mean, I've known some fabulous wild men, but......

I'll have to think about that one some.