Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Like the Driven Snow

More like driving in snow, because that is what I did all night long. They had me schedule to work the Moon Room, after which I usually go to the yard.

So I dressed appropriately. And wore my brand new comfy black turtleneck under my shirt. Mmm... Warm as toast.

Lt. Pagliacci says "You're in the P-car."

Snap! Ah, well. Dropped my coveralls and my lunchbox in the comm room and headed for the car.

It was odd having to do that half of the job. Usually when I'm in the comm room Brother D gets out the car and checks out the shotgun and loads it and all I do is switch out with him for two hours so he can get a break.

Tonight I had to do all of that stuff and my two hour break was way too short.

The P-car has to stay in service until the laundry workers are all back in their houses after count or until 11:30. Whichever comes first.

Tonight 11:30 came first. Pfui. That really really sucked being stuck in that car that long.

And I really really needed a piddle and a smoke when I got out of that thing.

The snow started this morning. Just little tiny grainy stuff. Nothing to worry about.

By about 9:30 it was starting to stick and by 10:30 it was starting to get pretty slippery out there. I was worried that so many midnights shift would call out that they wouldn't let me go home. And I was worried that they would let me go home and I wouldn't be able to make it there.

I really don't want to end up dead in a ditch in this state. None of them are very respectable.

But they let me go and after a tedious drive I managed to make it back safely. Phew!

So nothing really exciting to write about. It was a long completely uneventful night outside the fence.

Well! Tomorrow should be fun! According to my master calendar it's National Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friend Day.

Yeah. I can do that. Maybe. All of the puddles may be frozen tomorrow, though. I wonder if somewhere there's a National Pick Up A Frozen Puddle And Throw It Like A Frizbee day?

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