Saturday, January 15, 2011

There Is No Justice

Just a short rant here and I'll go back to sleep.

I was reading the local paper online, like I do every morning. Just to see if there's any names I recognize.

And I check the Obits to make sure I wasn't mentioned.

Saw a notice than one inmate I have dealt with in the past (a pretty large wobblehead) just got sentenced to 10 more years for beating up another inmate. I can see that. He beat him up pretty good. Broke his jaw and everything.

In the same article I saw another wobblehead of my acquaintance (smaller, but even crazier) was sentenced to 3 more years for throwing pee in a CO.

What the..... where is the justice in that?

If he were out on the streets and threw pee on somebody else he probably would have gotten ten years. But since he threw it on one of us, only three.

The staff member probably provoked him, anyway. And after all, we should expect that kind of thing. That's what we're paid for, right?

You probably can't really hear the sarcasm I just poured into those last three sentences.

But it was there, believe me.

Last year I heard a case of an ex-inmate punching a CO out on the streets. And because they showed that he knew the guy was a CO, he got sentenced to eight years.

But that was out on the streets. Not inside.


If you haven't noticed, that kind of things pisses me off just a little bit.

Okay, I'll slip back into my nap now.

Have a happy Hot and Spicy International Food Day and National Nothing Day tomorrow! I'll bring the antacids.


  1. I remember my dad telling us how inmates would piss and spit on the guards quite often years ago. I don't recall if there was any further punishment for the inmates though. While he never stated what actually happened, I'm guessing the guards "handled" it far differently than what's allowed in today's world. This is stuff he stated went on 40 years ago or longer. I do know that if an inmate did this to him he probably didn't just smile and walk on though.

  2. Just Plain Tired- I guess I shouldn't be bemoaning the fact that prisons have become a little less barbaric than they used to be. But they have gone beyond "humane" and slipped into.... snap. I can't think of a descriptive enough word. Freaking Mr Rogers neighborhood. Barney or something. The little jerks need a good thumping now and then and our hands are tied. Rrrrrrr!

  3. Throwing pee on people is wrong? There goes my plans for next weekend.