Thursday, July 30, 2009

Can You Hear Me Now?

Apparently, some time during the day lightning struck our radio repeater up atop the control center.

Not a good thing.

All of the sudden, nobody's radios on our side of the camp worked.

It took us awhile to figure out what was going on. I just thought either I had a bad radio or nobody was listening to me. When I found out that they couldn't hear me, I got a little nervous. That is just not a good thing. Stupid radio is my lifeline. And if it's not working, I could be seriously hosed.

Luckily, nothing happened between then and the time they got it fixed. But things were pretty tense there for awhile.

You don't realize how much you depend on having backup only a radio call away until the radio doesn't work. They told they guy up in the bubble "Pay close attention and if anything happens, get on the phone ASAP!" I think we about gave him nervous fits. But he paid attention, I'll give him that.

And dealing with the problem up front just about gave ol' Vinnie fits as well.

Hopefully it will give him something to write about, finally.


  1. I wrote!
    It felt nice.
    Now lets see what happens.
    P-1 says I'm practicing to be an auctioner on those radio checks.

  2. Vinnie- Good deal! I'm campaigning to have the checks stopped anyway. Silliness.