Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Too Much Noise

There was just too much noise today. It got to me. I now have a screaming headache.

But I didn't let the knuckleheads know they got to me. I just went about my job like nothing was wrong. If I had let them know, they would have been twice as loud.

I used to listen to music 24-7. If I was awake, there was music on. Heck it was on while I was sleeping too! I've got a good sized library of music. Everything from classical to heavy metal.

But in the truck on the way home I turned the stereo all the way down and rode home in silence. Even the wind coming in the widow was too loud.

Right now I am enjoying some blissful quiet. If I could muffle this damn keyboard I'd be even happier. But I'll be done in a minute and read my book in peace for awhile.

Usually I enjoy the chaos and hubub in the Hive. I do! It makes my evenings go by so quickly. I usually just tune out what the knuckleheads are saying so that it's just one long "blah blah blah" and they all sound like Charlie Browns' teacher.

But tonight they got to me.

I'm going to sit quietly and read for awhile before bed.

Good night all! Sssssshhhhhhhh...............


  1. What did they say?

  2. I have found that since i have gotten older I crave silence, my truck radio is almost never on anymore. I chaulk it up to all those years working right next to loud machinery.

  3. The only noise that gets on my LAST nerve is screaming, loud children. On Saturdays, if a couple comes in with 1-6 misbehaving, screaming, loud kids, while trying to buy a car, I try to go out to lunch. :)

    I have no issues with loud music in my car or anything else.

  4. Anon- It was like the tower of Babel.

    Loopy- I'm going a bit deaf. I contribute it to all those Ted Nugent concerts.

    Tango- They are always screaming. It's the only way to be hear over everybody else screaming.

  5. the louder the better.

    btw, mom's home again. i'm happy again. it was way too quiet.