Monday, July 6, 2009

Senseless Slaughter

It was almost enough to give me nightmares. Or at least a case of PTSD. I may end up needing some stress leave. It was horrible.

Out on the rec yard, we have been having this beetle problem. Little black beetles, about half an inch long. There's not tons of them, but just enough to notice and be annoying. Right up there by the wing door where we sit, there's always four or five of them running around. And I always end up crunching one or two of them under my boot on the way in.

So we were out on the yard and BG sends me back in to check the list for the next round and run a few files so we don't get behind. He's a big dude and nobody messes with him so he figured it would be okay if I ran inside for a minute. I was only gone a minute or two and when I came back, there were maybe a dozen crunched beetles right outside the inner door. I said "What the snap?" and I went out to my chair.

I go to sit down and notice there are crunched beetles all over the place and there's BG stomping up and down on more of them. I repeated "What the snap?" And he replied "87!" *crunch* "88!" *crunch*

There must have been a nest of the that hatched or something. Right by the rec door. And the rest of the round more were coming. His total was well over a hundred of them by the time we were done. At one point six or eight of them showed up at once and he cried "We're being over run! Call for backup!"

BG, if you haven't figured out by now, is kind of a nut.

I'm just glad he didn't decide to call in an air strike. Napalm is tricky stuff.

It was one of those nights, as you can tell......


  1. gahhhh.....bugs. gross. at least it wasn't cockroaches though. THAT would give you nightmares. That would give ME nightmares.

  2. lol...the beginning of your post scared the shit out of me. Thought you had done in one of the inmates.

  3. Amy- We do have roaches, but that wasn't what these were. Almost as bad, tho. Ick!

    Tango- I thought about feeding one of the inmates to the bugs, but BG had gooshed them all. Pfui.