Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Volume Vs Intelligence

I know that we don't have the smartest people in prison. If they were smart, they wouldn't be there in the first place. And if they were smart, they sure as hell wouldn't be locked up in the Adseg unit.

I've always said "If they ever lock up a rocket scientist, I'd fall over backwards."

Hasn't happened yet. I'm safe.

But what really gets to me are the offenders that think that volume and repetition more than adequately make up for a lack of intelligence. They seem to feel that if they are loud enough and repeat themselves enough that I will get annoyed, it makes them look smarter than me.

Hell, I'm just a stupid cop. If I was smart, I'd have a real job.

Or so they say.

I rarely have to raise my voice. If you can't hear me, then you are being too loud. That's my philosophy. And if you aren't listening to what I have to say, then you have nothing coming. And listening to what I have to say could be very very important to your safety and not listening could have a detrimental effect on your ever getting out of the Hole, or prison.

Maybe they came from homes with lots of other kids and they had to learn to yell to get attention. Maybe all of their parents are hard of hearing.

Maybe they're just a**holes. I'm sure that's it.

They get bored in Adseg and their favorite game is called "Pissing off the police." And one of the favorite ways to play is screaming as loud as they can. They know it pisses me off and they use it.

So, most of the time I don't listen to them. That pisses them off worse.

But I'm sure by the time I retire I'm going to be stone deaf.

At least it will be quiet.


  1. If I ever go to jail, I will be the quiestest person there. People need to just stop with their noisemaking already.

  2. never underestimate stupid people.

    there are a few on the local port commission who wear shoes with laces.

  3. Guy- Don't make me beat you.

    Amy- As bad as I hate the noise, sometimes it scares me when there isn't any.

    g- I love stupid people. I'm going to retire off of their stupidity.