Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th!

Got busy and distracted last night and forgot to post! Eek! Sorry. But in my defense I was reading a really good book and was lost in the pages until my eyes were drooping and I shambled off to bed.

By now you know that I am a Robert Heinlein fan. I got a weird buzz the other day and started re-reading his books. I believe I have them all. Not bragging... just saying. At any rate, I started reading "Friday" by him and between doing chores and building a new top for our outdoor table and cutting some things on the scroll saw and cleaning off the back porch and getting the back yard mowed, I managed to read over 200 pages. A good read. Gripping.

The other day I managed to get hold of a copy of the film "Destination Moon". Done back in 1950, this was the only movie that Robert Heinlein had a major hand in developing. It was based loosely on his novel "Rocket Ship Galileo" and he co-wrote the screenplay and was also listed as "technical adviser". As it was made back in 1950, before we had even gotten past the stratosphere, the movie is horribly inaccurate yet strangely prophetic. And of course, it's terribly "campy" in the way 1950's movies were.

But if you get a chance, lay ahold of this flick and give it a watching. Amazon has copies that are pretty cheap.

Nothing correctional to chat about today. Tonight I'll be watching fireworks from my own backyard rather than from the rec yard. Most years we suspend rec after dark on the 4th and BG and I will go out on the yard by ourselves to watch. Not to be mean or anything, but the fireworks often last late and if they are still going on when count time comes, we have a devil of a time getting the inmates back into the house. Did that once and it didn't work out so well. So we just avoid the hassle and let them watch out their cell windows.

Be safe, be sane and don't sit downwind of the fireworks.


  1. Back here, where you spent your misspent youth, they have canceled the giant Fort Vancouver display. It's been a boon to the fireworks stands since all those thousands of people used to watching the Forts display now have to do their own. Unfortunately it's also menat a big spike in complaints and injuries since the numbers of idiots with their own personal stash of explosives has gone up.

    So far it's been incredibly quiet up here. In the past they idiots usually start blowing crap up the week before then go at least a week after. Fingers crossed they keep calm and keep the brush fires down to a minimum this year.

  2. CCritter- That really sucks. They always put on a good show. Did they blow the budget at Starbucks again? They put on a so-so show here last night. I watched some of it from the back yard, but gave up as I was being slowly devoured by insects. The whole area sounded like downtown Lebanon. These people really love things that go "bang".

    Tango- I kept my hands and feet inside until it came to a complete stop. (grin)