Sunday, July 12, 2009

Leaping Into Inaction! Pt 2

I'll bet if you asked any of those white shirted supervisors up front what they thought of indecisiveness they would say "I hate indecisiveness!..... I think.... maybe.... I don't know. What do you want me to say? Wait and ask the other two shifts and see what they say and I'll let you know. Maybe."

Most of those guys up there couldn't make a decision for themselves if their life depended on it. Unfortunately, someday my life might. They get paralyzed by the thought of the consequences if they decide the wrong thing that they very often refuse to decide anything!

The whole attitude of "Let's not do anything" or "Just leave it alone and see if it will work itself out" just doesn't work for me. Is this or is this not a prison? Are we or are we not Corrections Officers and are we or are we not supposed to be "correcting" aberrant behavior?

Apparently not. On all of the above.

This situation happened while I was off in la-la land with my head full of hydrocodone this weekend. I just heard about it today.

This wobble head..... this numbnuts that we just can't get rid of... this eeediot. He is maybe thirty. Looks fifteen and acts about ten. Claims P.C. when he is out on the hill because he can't control his mouth and gets into trouble with other inmates. And if we put him in a cell with someone else he will claim his cellie beat him up or (this last time) that his cellie raped him. And if we leave him in a cell by himself he calls a code 16 (medical emergency) for chest pains and shortness of breath at least twice a day for the attention. He claims chest pains so ften that the nurses are ready to beat his a**.

The day shift captain (O' wisest of the wise) had him placed on "cell alone" status. And he's not happy about this at all. He wants moved out of that wing and into a cell with someone else. So the other night he holds his food service tray hostage and refuses to give it up until he is moved. The crew calls up front and reports this and they say they will send someone down.

Hokey dokey.

So, about two hours later, when nobody has shown up, they call back up front and report that numbnuts has tied a noose around his neck and he still won't give up the tray.

"Just check on him every few minutes and make sure he's okay." they say.

Say what?

Soooooooo the lieutenant finally gets down there and talks to him and gets both the tray and the noose away from him and shuts the chuck hole and walks away. That's done.

Say what?

"Just leave him alone and make sure he doesn't hurt himself."

Hokey dokey.......

And he does the same thing again on day shift (minus the noose part, apparently) and still nothing gets done.

So all we have taught him is that he can act any way he wants to and there will be no repercussions.

Isn't that why we have so many people in prison in the first place?

If you are going to keep a dog on a short leash all of the time and never let him hunt, why have a dog in the first place?


  1. good gravy....slip a mickey in his breakfast! or shoot him in the ass with a tranquilzier. either or...

  2. Ha!!! I swallowed before reading.

  3. Amy, Irish and Tango- Yes yes and dang! In that order.