Monday, July 20, 2009

With This Ring....

Not sure I should even mention this incident. Kinda gave me the ickies when I heard about it, but I had to laugh at the same time.

Apparently, two of our offenders decided to get "hitched" while they were cellies in the Hive. One of them gave the other his wedding ring to wear. I guess that means they consummated their..... whatever it is you consummate.


You know what I mean.

The problem was that the ring was too small. It got stuck on the guys finger and he couldn't get it back off and his finger started to swell up.

So he had to be taken up to medical and get the ring cut off. Almost lost his finger.

What a maroon.

Of course, he's claiming that his cellie just let him try it on and it got stuck.

But we know better. And everybody (by now) on the camp knows better, too. I'm willing to bet the guy gets himself transferred pretty quick.

I wonder how the other guy is going to explain to his wife what happened to his ring?

I'll bet his story comes nowhere near the truth.

What do you think?


  1. Thats it! If I can just get a damn wood chipper through the metal detector, I'm gonna do society a favor.