Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Goat Rope!

Yes, it was one of those days. Day shift had to spray some dipstick who was too afraid to stay in the cell he was in..... luckily for me they got done with all the paperwork before I showed up.

Went out to do a round of rec at 6:00 pm and just as soon as he got the cuffs off the last guy out in the rec cages, they closed the yards because of the storms and we had to take them all back in.


I heard radio traffic of them sending officers to the treatment house for a search and I figured we'd be getting some business from that. Sure enough, they started locking them up left and right. That evil wench Peggy Sue stayed late and decided to clean some house apparently. She's shameless when she's on a roll, I'm telling you. And she doesn't mind at all making our lives difficult.

And to make matters worse, she's my old boss lady and I love her to death. But I'd still like to beat her with a stick, sometimes.

They managed to fill the house up and then some. We had to kick a couple of them out to make room. Fortunately, I had my wits about me and I think I got everything straight so that count would clear.

I hope, anyway.

I'm just beat and I'm going to bed. It was my friday and I was pretty happy to see it come to a close. I think I earned my nickel today.


  1. I'm sorry...(sheepish smile)...You still love me right?? I hate that it causes you guys so much extra work. That's the only drawback to "house cleaning". But you gotta admit I didn't send anybody who didn't need to go, including the dipstick that got sprayed. He called me a dick sucking whore. He doesn't know me well enough to call me that!!

    Anyway...A BIG SHOUT OUT and THANK YOU to the guys working the Hive. You know I love you all!! And without me your lives would be boring!

  2. Oooohhh! You used the "B" word. I'm calling out tomorrow. Today was bad enough. I'm on a roll, though, I can do Use of Force paperwork in under 30 minutes. Peggy Sue, at the rate your going, you won't have any offenders left in your house in a week or two. We'll have to loan you some so you can keep your job... ;)

  3. After reading that whole post, I"m still hung up on the fact that you got rain and now I must hate you. (okay, not THAT much, but I'm still going to give you 'the face')

  4. I love your blogs. You make me want to become a CO

  5. BA - I think other camps are sending me some of their ad seg rejects. I think I'd rather have some of yours on loan than what I'm getting now. Just don't send any of mine back to me anytime soon...PLEASE!!

  6. Peggy Sue- 'Course I still luvs ya! Yer me swee' pea! Doesn't mean I don't want to beat you with a stick, tho. You do deserve it. Don't deny it. You make our lives interesting like that arab blessing that is also a curse "May you have an interesting life."

    BA- If you do enough of the paperwork, you can get pretty good at it. My last one only took ten minutes. Call out if you want, it's my day off! (grin)

    Amy- Don't hate me because we got rain. Feel sorry for me because I got soaked bringing them in. My skivvies were still damp when I got home. Pfui.

    Masorti- Sounds like you have a good paying job now. I'd stick with that if I were you. And your kids would worry about you every night. Mine does. Go watch "Lock Up" on MSNBC and see what we deal with. I just focus on the silly crap. In reality, it's a difficult job that will eat you up if you aren't careful and very very thick skinned.