Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What They Are Talking About

It was a weird situation. Midnight shift had come up with a situation and dealt with it the best they could. One of the more "flamboyant" offenders was over in D-wing and his cellie had been transferred. All of the sudden, there were eight or ten offenders trying to "check out" of their cells and get in that cell and all of them claimed to be his cousin.

More like they wanted to be his daddy. Cousin my hind leg!

So the midnights sarge just moved our little flame over to C-wing in a cell by himself. It worked. So he's right over the rec yard and flirting with all of the "fellas" while they are out on rec. One offender comes out who is a typical street thug type. Been locked down half his life since he was a juvie. He sits on one of the weight benches and starts chatting with (let's call him "Miz B, shall we?) about who is doing who out on the yard and who belongs to who and so and so is such a bi*ch, etc. They are talking about what they are missing by being in the hole and suddenly the conversation takes an odd turn....

(Insert weird music here)

They start talking about missing "The Young And The Restless"! And who was doing what to who and somebody had broken up with somebody else and somebodys baby wasn't really his..... And all about Cain and Victor and Lily and Ashley this and that...

I was dumbfounded. It was very close to being the weirdest thing I had ever heard out there... and I've heard some weird stuff, lemme tell you! Bg and I just looked at each other and shook our heads...

I could see it if it was "As The World Turns" now...


  1. I'm a Days of Our Lives fan. I've never understood why Y&R is the favorite show among inmates. Been checking out Midtown Miscreant's blog while I'm stuck in the middle of nowhere. He's hilarious! Very insightful. Love the pieces he's doing on the sh*tholes in and around KC. I think I ran in a few of those places back in the day!!

  2. Great material - reminiscent of a Tarantino script (roy-AL with cheeeezze)

  3. Peggy Sue- I rarely understand why inmates like anything. MM is a great writer. He never fails to knock me back every time I check in to see what he's doing. Doesn't mind at all gettin into peoples feelings, does he?

    Bob- Glad you like it. I'm always pleasantly surprised when people actually say they like my stuff. At first I expected hate mail and eggings. It's sort of odd.