Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Okay! I Can Do That!

So that knucklehead that tried to go over the fence last week finally came off of suicide watch and is demanding to be moved out of the camera cell. I know from past experience that if we put him somewhere else it will only last a day or so and he'll be right back in there on suicide watch so I refused to move him.

Pissed him off, apparently.

Now he's refusing to take his psych meds. Says he's not taking anything until they transfer him off the camp. Hoo boy. He's going to be mighty crazy by then.

We end up taking him out for rec and he's fine. Goes back in the cell afterwards and starts demanding to be moved again. Starts kicking on his door. I'm looking in the wing and I can see his door shaking as he kicks it. I tell him to stop and he starts screaming "It wasn't me! I was asleep! Write that up, Bit*h! I don't give a f*ck!!!" And goes to the back of the cell screaming about how he's getting more time and he just don't care and he's going to kill all of us when he gets out, etc., etc.

So I think to myself "Okay! I can do that!"

About that time the guy next door starts kicking on his cell door too. He's off watch and demanding to be moved because his light doesn't work. He orders me to get the Sarge in there and move him.

Well.... that approach just doesn't really work for me. Nope, not a bit. And the funny thing is, his light was working when we put him back in there not five minutes before. I suspect he covered it with something to make it look like it was out.

So I wrote them both up for Creating A Disturbance. Neither one of them was happy about it and they both blamed the other one for kicking on the door. But I got them dead to rights because I saw them both doing it. Case closed.

On the way back in from the last round of rec one of the offenders asks "Where the Sarge at?" and he goes on to state "Go tell him to move me out of this wing!"

Well..... I just gave him my best toothiest Jack Nicholson grin and said "I suggest you go back to your cell and lay down and we will move you when we need the cell and not before!"

I think the grin worked. He looked a little unnerved. And he stayed quiet after that.

Alot of the offenders think I'm crazier than they are. It helps.

Alot of the Pshrinks think so too. That doesn't help as much, but it's fun anyway.

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  1. You broke the last offender we gave you to play with, and the unbreakable glass window, I might add. No wonder they think you're the crazy one.