Monday, July 27, 2009

I Didn't Do It

Really. I didn't do it this time. Wasn't anywhere near the man.

We were out on the rec yard and the guy in the last cage had a couple of other peoples time so he was running around and shooting baskets and doing pushups when he missed.

Like they always do. Nothing spectacular.

I went to poke my head inside and see what was going on in the wing (they were making noise and I was curious) and when I turned back around BG said "I think that guy is having trouble down there."

I saw the offender sitting down on the ground and he slowly lay down on his back on the concrete. I trotted down there to see what the problem was and he said he hurt his back and that it hurt all the way through to his stomach. He couldn't straighten his legs out and he was having trouble getting a full breath.

Pinched a nerve in his back, I'm guessing. Painful. How well I know.

I asked him if he could get up and he said no, so I called a code 16 to have the nurse come out to the rec yard and look at him.

Everybody (it seemed) on camp came out to the rec yard to see what was happening. Sarge came out and saw me standing over the inmate as he lay on the ground and looked me in the eye and said "What did you do?"

Man, you get a bad rep around this place so easy.....

I started to sputter out a reply when BG just said "He was like that when we brought him out here."

Leave it to him.

They carried the guy out on a stretcher and loaded him on the cart and sent him to medical. As they were taking him away one of the knuckleheads in A-wing yelled out "What did you do to him?"

Without even thinking I said "I guess I broke him. I play too rough with my toys."

That shut him up.


  1. My apologizes Rev. I came out after my ordeal with an inmate and made it public on the rec yard. this could have potentially caused problems. I ultimately put you and BG at risk by getting into it with said inmate on the rec yard. I was still steaming over earlier events. I also apologized to BG when i had the chance, but didn't get a chance with you. Although I won't elaborate on the situation, Hope anyone who reads this understands we are all human. Everyone has a button. Inmate found mine today. Although incident happened early in the day, I didn't get over it til I left that place. Hope I can learn from this move on and become more professional in the future.

  2. CC- It happens. I was a bit irritated at first, but I know you and know how you get a bit wound up at times. Like you say, we all got our buttons. No harm, no foul.

  3. what did you do? sounds like my mom back in the day...usually? i did it.

    and that was a super apology there.

    playing catchup with the posts....expect more verbal regurgitation SIR!