Thursday, July 23, 2009

Don't Bug Me, I'm Busy!

What a time for this crap to start up again. We get hammered busy and the wench up in medical that's in charge up there wants to start throwing her weight around again. Beeotch!

We get one lockup come down from the bus. A newbie. We were expecting that one. Right behind him comes another one that we had no idea about. They couldn't even tell us why they were locking him up!

Great. We had three beds left in the house. Put the newbie in one and this guy in another one. In the meantime we are trying to count and feed the house and the nurse is still waiting to do med pass. We got two utility officers in the house, one on the floor and one in the bubble. The guy in the bubble calls down and says "Will you go into B-wing? I think she needs some help in there."

We all trot into B-wing and she has both inmates in cuffs and says that one of them just wrote a note stating he was suicidal.

Oh snap!

We get him out and I trot into C-wing and up to the first camera cell and tell the guy in there to pack his stuff, because we are moving him. He gets mouthy with me and says "I aint packing sh*t!"

Oh really?

He ends up moving (and getting a violation, which he complained about) and we put the other guy from B-wing on suicide watch and I get back into the office and start trying to stir our numbers around so that count comes out right and the phone rings and the Lieutenant asks me "Why isn't med pass getting done?"

So I get a little short with him and give him the readers digest version of what has been happening and that med pass is starting right away.

What a bunch of crap.

Sarge gets a call from the captain later and is told that "Everything goes on hold until med pass is done."


"I'm very sorry, sir. But you are not going to be able to kill yourself right now. Tell the voices in your head to wait about half an hour until med pass is done, okay? Have a nice day."

"Hey! You two! Stop fighting until med pass is done!"

"Count? What count? Don't bother me, we're doing med pass!"

I'm not sure who is in charge in medical anymore. It might still be that hateful bullfrog looking woman. But when stuff starts getting flaky she needs to waddle her chairbound butt down to the Hive and see if she can fix the situation herself, rather than calling and crying to the captain all the time. Maybe if she actually DID HER JOB AND KNEW WHAT WAS GOING ON she might get it.

But I doubt it.

Some people would rather spend their time making trouble than fixing it.

Some people should be working at Walmart instead.


  1. LOL..She's got "delegating" down to an art.

  2. I must say this continues to be a huge problem, let us remember though it was day shift in the hive that said "No, let evening shift do med pass at 3:300pm during shift change, count and feeding times."

    There was one person said this is going to be a problem, but that person was told "you do not work there no more and it is not your problem"

    So that person said OK and left the hive..It seems to me the med pass times need to be changed, the policy letter that sets the times were written but day shift influence and approved by your Major...

    The current med pass nurse and the last med pass nurse said this is a problem, the med boss said, this is what HU5 policy states and we have to comply.

    I say change the damn policy it does not make sense...Ok I forgot, it's not supposed to make sense.

    I feel you pain but on this one...Your day shift folks stuck you. CHANGE THE POLICY. Med pass times, 3pm or 4PM anything but during shift change and count???

  3. D R... Being on day shift I must tell you, if we are not busy and the nurse tells us she's ready, we attempt to do med pass for evenings before they get there. Don't pass the blame on us for some captain not having enough balls to stand up for his people and say safety and security comes first. Med pass will get completed. unfortunately inmates don't have a certain time they will act out so we can make a schedule.

  4. Tango- I suspect she has someone else poop for her, as she is too important to do that kind of thing herself.

    Doc R- I know that's true. And I was actually on the decision string for that one. For the most part, day shift does not have time to do med pass most days. Most days. But some days they do and one or two of them actually do try to do med pass on their shift. There's the couple of regulars on days who seem to think that when BG and I roll in the door at 1:45 that their day is done and they sit down. The warthog up there needs to learn that sometimes snit happens and things are going to be late no matter how big a wad her panties are in.

    Anon- I know some of you do try to do it. We appreciate the hell out of that. Really. Despite the occasional shift war, we do try to cover each others backs. If we can weed out a few of the lazier people on your shift we could really get some snit done around here.

  5. Hey- I was just peeved because I have fought this change from the beginning, I know day shift is busy as hell most days and two med passes on the same shift..One of the two shifts will get two passes, my beef is that I have read 6 IOCs that complain that the nurse could not pass meds at 3:30 and when it was investigated why it was not passed because of count, shift change etc, which is understandable but our nurse was getting it jammed in her *** and written up because of the IOCs coming out of the hive. I also understand the IOCs, they were writing to cover their a** but throwing someone else in front of the bus is not right either.

    Had I do it over again, I would not have left the hive. That is hindsight...

    I agree we need to cover everyones back- There are those on my team that I could do without just as yours but I hope we all remember that one team wears blue and the other wears scrubs, we need to take care of each other. The nurse you have now is good and hope you guys keep her and take care of her.

    And keep Hive business in the Hive!

    love the blog and hope I have put forth some constructive ideas!