Monday, July 13, 2009

All Too Human

Man, just when you think you know somebody... When you think you got them pegged and categorized..... they go ahead and do something you don't expect. And then you end up having to apologize.

I hate eating crow. It tastes nasty.

A couple of weeks ago I put in for this evening off to go to an awards ceremony for my daughter. She's taking some advanced summer classes at the local college while she is still in high school. It's called the "Upward Bound" program and she has been going there for the past three summers and earning college credits. Tonight was their last night there and she got a few awards and in the morning they were off to their class trip to florida for a week. I wasn't going to see her before she left. I was bummed and so was she, but we knew it was just work.

My slip for tonight had been denied because we were too short people. I can understand that. I was bummed, but I understood. There are alot of people on vacation right now.

So I get told about 3:30 that I need to call the Lieutenant. He wants to see me about something. I think "Oh snap! What did I do now?"

I call up there and he says "Do you still want to go to that awards ceremony? I've got enough people so if you still want to go, you can go."

What can I say? I grab my stuff and burn out. On the way out I see Captain Crane (not his real name, obviously) and he waves me over and says "I saw that slip that had been denied and I told him to get you out of here if he could."


I'm glad none of them read this. Then I'd have to apologize in person.

Instead I'll just do this:
To all the supervisors up front,
You're not such a bad bunch of guys after all.
You came through for me when I needed you
And I appreciate that.
You did me a solid right after I talked smack about you
So now I have to take most of it back. (grin)
There'll be some home made chocolate chip cookies in this for you.
You guys rock.


  1. That's awesome, Davev!! I'm so happy you were able to go. :)

  2. Very cool. I think I want to work in your prison for a while.. We don't have anything like that here. We have "slip? what slip? Never received it. Too late now, you should have put it in sooner."

  3. that was a nice surprise!

    cookies??? really? i dig it.

  4. awwwww..... :) y'all aren't such hard asses after all...