Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday/Monday Again


It's sunday/monday again. I am soooooo not looking forward to this. I'm just not a monday person, I guess. Drinking massive amounts of coffee and smoking and I've taken my meds and my vitamins. Haven't done my walk on the treadmill yet. Still trying to work up the gumption. But it's still early. I have time.

If I didn't need the time off, I wonder if I would ever take a day off because I might have missed something. Things can change so quickly in the prison sometimes. Even if the days seem always the same. It's hard to explain.

There's always a knucklehead trying something new. And if it's not the offenders, then it's the staff trying to change things. Some captain or other supervisor will come up with some new hair brained scheme about the way they want things run. Especially in the Hive. We seem to be the laboratory for their weird experiments. And it's often hard to tell if it's us or the offenders that are the rats.

But I know for sure that we never seem to get enough cheese.

So when the time comes I'll shower and get dressed and head on in. And I'll walk with tredipation and a little frisson of The Fear to central and then on out to wait for BG to show. He's my litmus test of how the weekend went. Usually, when I ask, he'll shrug his shoulders and say "Mmmmm..... nothing much." But if his reply lasts longer than the walk past medical, then I'll know things went poorly. Or strangely.

And if he talks all the way down to the house, then I'll know what kind of week it's going to be.

I don't know for sure what I'm hoping for. Either way, as long as no staff gets hurt, it's all good.

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