Monday, June 1, 2009

Several Items On The Agenda

First off, I was almost word for word on about BG on yesterdays post. But instead of shrugging and saying "Nothing much", he said "Not a whole lot." So that was good. A decent augury for the week.

Maybe I should learn to read tarot cards or something. I'm getting a bit superstitious in my old age. That twit Hoppy was in the house again last night (rolls and rolls his eyes) and first thing out of the gate he uses the "Q" word. I wanted to slap him. Of course, I wanted to do that as soon as he walked into the house, but that's another issue.

Luckily for him, he didn't jinx us.

Second, it looks like Vinnie is going to be coming off of the injured reserve list very soon. This is a very good thing. He's getting buggy and stir crazy sitting over in the Admin building every night reading policy. The boredom tempts him to do things that get him frowned at. This is not a good thing. Plus, he only gets to talk to the same two people all night long so when I come out he falls on me like an ice cream truck in the desert. Not that I'm complaining, mind you. But it will be good for him to get back to work so he will have something to blog about.

Third, Gumby was back up to his old tricks again. After the several moments of coherence the other day, he's gone back to being a jagoff. Playing in his poop, etc. They put him on close observation and gave him his clothes. When I came in he had stuffed everything but his pants out from under the door (stickily smeared with an unknown odiferous substance) and was doing his floor show naked in the cell again. At one point during the night he covered the window of his cell door with his blanket. I told him to take it down and he refused. So I opened the chuck hole and pulled it down myself. I pulled it halfway out and he grabbed the other end and wouldn't let go. At this point I had several options open to me. I could get in a tug-of-war with this idiot and one or more of us could have gotten hurt. I could have sprayed him, as his face was right there. That would have been satisfying, but I would have had trouble justifying it as I hadn't actually been told to take it away from him. So I went with the third option and let him keep it. Not out of any feelings that he might be entitled to it, but due to the fact that it was getting late and I didn't want to do any paperwork. I just wrote him a conduct violation and called it good.

And finally, I ran across an article in the New Statesman the other day. A link from a link from a link sort of thing. There are some pretty startling statistics down towards the bottom of the page. It says that there are approximately 1.6 billion internet users worldwide. And out of those 1.6 billion users there are 109 million blogs floating around in cyberspace. That's alot of something to say. But it also states that 99% of those 109 million blogs have no readers at all. So I consider myself lucky to have some readers. Even repeat readers! That's just kind of startling. You guys make me feel proud.


  1.'re in my morning routine.

    Wake up
    Check e-mail for work
    Check to see if darev2005 and Guy wrote anything new since you two are usually the first new posts of the day.

  2. I'm with Tango. You're blog is definitely part of my morning ritual. It's addicting!!

  3. Aw, shucks..... you two are making me blush.