Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Employment Opportunities- Inquire Within

So as of this coming Sunday we will have three vacancies in the Hive staff roster. Vinnie, of course, is still on injured reserve and has gone to the control center anyway. Lord Crom (who was my replacement on my days off) has gone to days and now GM is going to days as well.

All I can say is: you aint gonna like it. I dunno. Maybe you will, but I sure didn't.

Heck even Sergeant Miz P is talking about bidding out! Noooooooooooo..................

And nobody who is halfway reliable wants to work down there. That's the way it was when I first bid into the house. When a job goes up for bid people who want the job have to put down how long they have been in the department, because jobs are (supposedly) awarded by seniority. So whoever has the most time in will get the job they want.

The first time I bid on the Hive spot, out of the hundreds of CO's that work here, only one other person had bid on the spot and I had him beat by about three weeks.

When I got it this time, I think I may have been the only one who wanted it.

And now nobody wants to work down here. For various reasons. There was a time when every young buck who was itching for some "action" wanted to work the Hive. We tried to discourage those from coming down. We get enough action without having to go look for it. And I'm getting too old to be bouncing off the concrete that often.

But I've dunned everyone I can think of that would be good to work with and they all look at me like I was crazy. They are all either too happy where they are at or they don't like someone on the staff or the days off or whatever. And we do have the reputation of being the smelliest house on the camp and that doesn't help much, either.

Hell, we haven't had a good old fashioned poop smearing in months! I can't say that I miss it, but at least it was entertainment.... kind of like watching network teevee.....

So it's looking like we will get stuck with utilities forever or they will stick some newbies with the spots and we will be forced to train them. And if Miz P leaves, I'll have to train another sergeant. Man, I hate that. Just when you get them to where they are doing what you need them to, they up and leave. And we start all over again.....


I really hope we get a few decent folk in those spots. Hopefully someone we won't have to beat with a rolled up newspaper too often. I don't have alot of patience and I'm not a very good teacher. But, aside from BG, I'm the one who has been in the house the longest so far and I'm the one they look to when they need to know something.

Anyway, if you know someone (or are someone) with half a brain and just a smidgen of common sense who needs a job.......


  1. well, darev, i think I'll pass on this one, at 106 pounds, i'm not sure how much of a back up i'd be. Although, my heart would be in the right place....LOL
    loopymama apparently with a defeatist attitude

  2. Hard work, crappy working conditions, poor morale, days off suck, and umm, lets see, senior staff always looking to hold us accountable for the offenders actions. Gee, I wonder why its hard to find good officers to work there. Does this mean I'm not a good officer....

  3. Loopy- If you can operate a can of pepper spray and kick someone at least in the shins if not higher, we'd welcome your help.

    BA- You are one of the good ones. One slips in accidentally now and then......

  4. There are lots of job openings, but companies can be selective, and depending on the need, one can take their time in finding the right candidate.