Friday, May 8, 2009

Meet The New Boss... Same As The Old Boss...

It's been a few weeks..... hell, maybe a month or so since the Boss Lady left us and went to the treatment house. I've seen her a few times and she seems to have settled right in over there. I still miss having her at our back. Even when I screwed up she was good to have there.

But the new Boss seems to be doing just as well. I had wondered, since he was coming from the treatment house, that he might be more soft around the edges. Nope. He's pretty much just as loud and outspoken and hard as the last Boss was.


And, he's somebody you can talk to. He listens. He's involved. He runs a tight ship and isn't overbearing. He actually asks for our input.

I like the hell out of that.

I think in my five years down in the Hive I've gone through about twelve sergeants (maybe more) and I'm on the fifth Boss. There have been some good ones and some bad ones. There have been one or two that would run you over like a steamroller and one or two that it was like they weren't there at all.

The Boss, or FUM (for Functioning Unit Manager), is the non-custody administrator of the housing unit. That's not entirely accurate. They have things to say and decide about both custody and non-custody issues. I would say they are about equal to the Major as far as pull goes. I never want to get in between those two. I'd get trampled to death, I think.

At any rate, the FUM basically decides how the house is going to be run within the policy. They set the tone of the house. If the FUM is soft and malleable, then the house is going to get out of control. If they are hard, then the place runs tight.

The new FUM is hard and loud and the house is running like clockwork, for the most part. That is, as much as a goatrope like the Hive can run. I have been more than pleased with him so far. A good cat to work for, it seems.

Let's just hope he doesn't get burned out by the constant bullcrap of dealing with the Hive. He's doing good by us, so we will do our best to keep him happy and stress free.

I haven't told him about the blog. I wonder if the Boss Lady left him a note?

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