Saturday, May 9, 2009

Let's Play Twister!

Those of you whole live here or anywhere in the MidWet know the kind of weather we had here yesterday. Several hours of a tarantula downpour and there were three funnels sighted on the ground within ten miles of my house.

Just freaking snappy.

That doesn't happen very often in this area. I'm good with that.

Five people were killed by the storms in the state. Lots of people without power or roofs. Trees down here and there.

And my office got flooded out again.

I spent about three hours with the shop-vac sucking up water just as fast as it ran under the wall. I am going to try and fix that problem this afternoon. It may or may not work.

I hope nobody got hurt at work. I'm sure it slowed things up as the yards would surely have been closed for several hours. I'll bet the knuckleheads bitched all day. It's what they do.

I'll get to hear the story tomorrow.

In the meantime, I've got a leak to seal up and a twenty foot long tree limb down in the alley that I have to take care of. Everything in my office except for the desk and puter has been moved out into the shop and I have to finish drying out the carpet so I can put it all back.


Going to be a busy busy day.

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  1. gee da rev, I hope things go better for you soon, and good luck on the fix......btdt