Sunday, May 24, 2009


Going through one of those insomniac phases again. Can't get to sleep and when I do I can't stay asleep. Tossing and turning and having weird weird dreams.

Dreams about the prison. Not a recipe for a good nights sleep.

Not scary dreams either. Usually there is just mass stupidity going on. In the dream I had last night someone came and found me to go back to work and take care of a problem. It seemed that the Stork had flushed himself down the toilet in a combination escape/suicide attempt and became lodged in the drain pipe.

Nobody could figure out how to get him out of there so they wanted me back.

I woke up mad several times.

And I had a dream awhile back that I had been kicked out of the Hive and put out in the perimeter patrol vehicle. And while I was out there someone tried to go over the fence and there were two people on the outside trying to help him escape.

I ended up shooting and killing all three of them. That one woke me up all covered in sweat.

I know there isn't much in this world more boring than someone telling you their dreams. I'm sorry about that. It's what's been going on with me lately. Obviously I'm having some unresolved issues.

Either that or I've been doing too much heavy lifting and my shoulders and upper back hurt and that's why I can't get comfortable.

Hopefully it will straighten itself out soon.

Bear with me.


  1. Sorry to hear that. There's nothing worse than being tired, but not being able to get to sleep. I had to take stuff for me to get to sleep for the past six months. It sucked! Waking up tired with a hangover even though I didn't have anything to drink, made it even worse.
    Hope you get this resolved. Your body and mind need to repair themselves at night.

  2. Dude, your insomnia is genetic. Try a benadryl right before you go to bed. It seems to let me drop into a deeper sleep for at least 4 or 5 hours. It doesn't send you as deep at the real sleep aids so it doesn't cause the bizarre freaky dreams the other stuff does, at least for me.

    The stuff meant to make you sleep works like acid for me. Something I prefer NOT to experience. Freaked the tech out who was monitoring my brain ways during a sleep study.

  3. Tango- It comes and goes. The doc has me on a sleepy pill that usually works. And if I only take a half tablet I don't get a hangover. When I was younger I used to go four or five days without sleeping. Not usually by choice. But I could handle it back then. Not now. It will pass in a day or two.

    Anon- Benadryl makes me buzzy. Then I'd be awake and even more irritated. If I want something to give me freaky dreams I'll just take a multivitamin before bed. Holy snap! Those give me dreams that would make Franz Kafka wake up screaming. Wowsers...