Sunday, May 3, 2009

Leaping Into Inaction!!!!

Just another fine example of the quality leadership we have here. He was presented with a situation and he leapt right into doing nothing at all in the hope that either the situation would go away or that it might be taken care of by the next shift.

Either way, he wouldn't have to do anything that might resemble work or making a decision.

We had a problem inmate on full suicide watch. He had pulled some threads either out of his smock or his kevlar blanket and made a cadillac, trying to get extra food into his cell. This is because he is on the Meal Loaf for the fourth or fifth time. For info on the loaf go here.

Obviously a slow learner, this one.

But the problem was the string and the cadillac and the idea that he might harm himself with the string, as he stated that he was going to hang himself. Remember this post about the guy who pulled the thread out of his smock and tried to strangle himself?


So, we went to get the string back and he wouldn't give it up. And he wouldn't cuff up so we could get it and they wouldn't let us go in there and take it.

Called the lieutenant. He said "Barricade his door so he can't get anything in or out and monitor him every fifteen minutes."

And then he ran away to hide and drink coffee and forget that there might be a problem.

Freaking brilliant solution.

He didn't care that there might be a problem that we might need to address with considerable force. He just didn't want to do any paperwork.

Isn't that just awesome leadership?

So we wrote down on paper what he told us to do. So if the knucklehead hangs himself we're covered, anyway.

I think some people have forgotten exactly where it is we work. And that some times you just gotta pull up your girdle and get down to thumping some heads or you'll let these punks run all over us.

Granted, this inmate is a punk and a worthless piece of gutter trash and the world would be better off without him in it. He's too stupid to make it out on the streets and too stupid and scared to be out on the hill with the real criminals.

But if he dies on my watch or as a result of something that we did or didn't do on our watch then it will look bad on us.

And ultimately, it will reflect on us. Because that lazy putz didn't want to get his panties dirty doing what needed to be done when it needed to be done.

I could get pulled out of my post because he didn't do anything.

I could lose my job because he didn't do anything.

Somebody could die because he didn't do anything.

I'm so glad we have competent supervisors to tell us what to do in these uncertain times. Their wealth of knowledge is like having a living encyclopedia at our fingertips.

Yeah, right.

Can you tell I'm a little upset?


  1. I feel your pain. I'm a school teacher with 2 female adminstrators. The principal can be equated with Colonel Henry Blake. And the assistant principal? You got it. A pain in the ass just like Major Frank Burns of 4077.

  2. Anon- That really and truly sucks. Wasn't it the Peter Principle that stated that people tend to rise one level above their competence? I know for sure it's true here. Of course, that doesn't say much about me down here at the shallow end of the evolutionary scale, does it?