Saturday, May 16, 2009

Back To Normal (Such As It Is)

My rec partner, BG, came back from his vacation the other day. I was pretty happy to see him again. After nine days of either no help or inexperienced help, it was good to get someone to work with who knew what was going on.

That whole week was just awful. I'm not putting down the people they sent me. Like I said, it takes someone special to be a good utility officer. A few of them were good. But nobody has worked so closely with me like BG has these last five years. We generally don't have to plan out what we are going to do. We just do what needs to be done. Save the talking for banalities out on the rec yard.

BG is one of those guys who never takes time off unless he is forced to. We can only save up so much vacation time before they take it away from us. And nobody ever wants to give the state anything for free (they don't give us anything, either) so when BG gets too much time built up on the books, he takes off. A week this month..... another in August.

From what I heard, he was just as aggravated when I took my vacation. The day shift guys told me he'd come in and say "Looks like I'm not going to be getting any help today." Funny, I remember saying the same thing myself last week.

Well, even if the house is slipping back into the weird category again, at least me and BG are back to normal again.

Until August, anyway.

We've still got one slot open from when Vinnie left. It's three days on the floor and two days in the bubble.

Nobody with half a brain wants it.

Everyone I've talked to either doesn't want to work with me, or doesn't want to work with GM, or doesn't like the Sarge or doesn't want to work the floor or doesn't want to work the bubble or just flat doesn't like working in the Hive.

There's alot of that going on, it seems. The only person who liked the job was Vinnie.

And he's broken.


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