Sunday, February 19, 2012

Wild Postcards From The Edge (Part 4)

My first night on the new post. Well, the new bid, anyway. Not like it's places I've never been before.

And 10 house was just 10 house. I spent most of my night wandering around and drinking coffee.

So here's some more postcards!

I saw this one on a post on Tumblr the other day and thought it was pretty funny. And then to have it show up in my mailbox a few days later was kind of bizarre.

This one was postmarked from Sacramento, California. Seemingly wishing me good luck, health, love and longevity. Man, I sure hope so! And right back at ya! (wink)

You know, I may have try a little Confucius on the inmates now and then. Do you think they'll get it?

Me, either.

And this one was postmarked from Denver, Colorado! My sister has strange friends in many places. But I do love the poem. And I've had lots of inmates who saw me after I got promoted and said "Aw, hell!"

Gotta love it.

And I still have three more cards to scan in. Stay tuned!

Monday is going to be Hoodie Hoo Day, Presidents Day, World Social Justice day and National Cherry Pie Day.

Hoodie Hoo!


  1. Your sister is crazy! That's awesome. Did you ever find out how many you have coming your way?

    1. TJ- She wasn't quite sure how many. She said "It got out of hand." Who knows?