Wednesday, February 1, 2012

It Was A Cheap Trick!!!

It was a cheap trick. But not Cheap Trick. That would have been fun.

Been fighting a nasty head cold for the last four days. Headache, fever, sneezing, runny nose. The whole nine enchiladas. It really kicked in to full gear on Monday right after I got to work. Blew my nose so many times that I think I could have lit a cigarette off the end of my nose it burned so bad.

I told myself if I was feeling that bad the next day that I would call in sick and stay home. After all, 2 house could run fine without me.

Then Uncle T told me he was going to be gone on Tuesday. Some family emergency. And when I checked the chrono on the way out they had me scheduled for B-yard.

Yeah, okay. I'd come in to work the yard. Even if I was sick it was going to be a nice night. Warm and a little breezy, but not too bad. Working the yard would be okay.

So I went ahead and came on in.

But when I got here Lt Baby Boy told me LB had called out and they didn't have anyone else to put in his time slot but me. All of the other Sergeants were in 2:30-10:30 slots or already assigned.

So I got sent down to the Hive again. **sigh**

I spent most of the night huddled in my corner snotting my way through almost an entire roll of state issue toilet paper. And that junk is like 120 grit sandpaper. I don't think there is any actual skin left on the end of my nose now at all.

I should report them to the Dream Police!

If I'm still feeling this bad tomorrow, I'm staying home. And I don't care where they say I'll be, I won't believe it.

Tricky swine....

Wednesday is going to be Serpent Day, Freedom Day, G.I. Joe Day, Spunky Old Broads Day, Working Naked Day (I don't even want to think about it!) and National Baked Alaska Day.

Can I have some Puffs with aloe, please?


  1. This "Spunky Old Broad" is telling you to take the time to heal yourself. And it's MY day, so you don't get to argue.

    1. Peggy Sue- Yes, Ma'am!! Though you wouldn't catch me calling you any of those words other than "spunky". I'm no fool!

  2. I like Cheap Trick, but not cheap tricks. I've been in that same situation: feeling awful but going in because I'll be needed.

    And they never appreciate it, either.

    Next time, you SHOULD stay home. Play Skyrim or something.

    1. Chanel- I don't do online games anymore. But that doesn't mean I don't have anything to hold my interest. I have almost 2,000 books here. I'll find something to do...