Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Gift Of Prophecy

I knew as soon as I got this new bid that I was going to spend alot of time in places other than my assigned houses.

It seems like the 10 and 25 house Sergeants always got pulled when someone called out. If there's a Sergeant in 30 house, I'll get pulled from 10 if they need somebody. And they used to pull Sgt Kenny all the time from 25 and let A-yard handle anything that came up.

Luckily for me, the regular 30 house Sergeant is off Sundays and Mondays so I got to stay in 10 house for my first few days on post. I got to catch up on my coffee drinking and relaxing. And all that walking around and around and around I needed to get done.

Tonight was supposed to be my utility night and they had me schedule for 25 house. The first time I saw that I thought "I'll get moved or pulled. There's no way." I thought that Sunday night and I thought that Monday night.

Sure enough, when I came in Lt Baby Boy said "Control Center, Rev!"

Didn't need a crystal ball for that one.

At least I had a good crew. Miz Twang and Stubby and Vinnie. I don't know why they needed a Sergeant up there at all, except to break up the fights. Those three are so good and so bad together, you'd think they were related. They are like brothers and sisters.

I spent most of my night going "Don't make me come over there!" and "Do I need to put you two in a corner?" I thought about saying "Don't make me stop this bubble!" but that would have just got me laughed at. Most of the evening my mind lingered on the idea of mandatory ball gags. Or at least half a roll of duct tape.

They spend so much time arguing and picking at each other it was about to drive me to distraction. And they do it just for fun. Entertainment. If there's nothing serious going on they will try their best to see if they can get someone upset.

I have a feeling if I was the Control Center Sergeant five days a week I would come to work wearing ear plugs. Someone could just tap me on the shoulder if anything really needed my attention. That would probably be the best solution.

Since the next two days are my new days off, I don't know if I will have anything of substance to post, but I will get on and sent out the "Days" each night.

If I do anything fun or interesting, I'll let you know.

PS- I disable the word verification thingy. Nobody seemed to like the new one and it was a pain in the butt anyway. Hopefully blogger goes back to the old one soon and we can have fun with it again.

Wednesday is going to be Be Humble Day, National Margarita Day, Woolworth's Day, Inconvenience Yourself Day and World Thinking Day (what were they thinking?) .

Oh Lawd, it's so hard to be humble...... (grin)


  1. I agree. The new safe word thingy is stupid. It took me longer to figure out what I was supposed to type than what I spent leaving a comment haha

    1. TJ- Luckily I don't get much spam here. If I do I'll think of something else. That thing was a mess.

  2. I have a coworker who likes to push the buttons of everyone around him when he has nothing better to do. One day, we will all just pin him down and cover his mouth in duct tape. In the mean time, I may try your ear plug idea.

    1. Chanel- The ear plugs work. And it sends a clear message when you put them in...

  3. THANK YOU for disabling that horrendous monster that Blogger foisted upon us! I will now feel more inclined to leave you happy comments : )

    1. Lolamouse- What would I do without your happy comments? (grin)