Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I Took A Momentous Day Off

Well, it may not have been a momentous day for anybody else, but it turned out to be one for me. And just at the last moment, too.

I did take the day off and fed myself cold medicine and spent most of the day in my chair burning through the better part of a box of Kleenex. Tottering around in my socks and sweats and listening to my beard grow.

It grows loud. I never realized that before. Sheesh!

At any rate, I was just going to post a short something about taking the day off and then go to bed.

But when I opened my dashboard to answer my replies from the last post I realized with a shock that this will be my 1000th blog post.

Holy snap! Whoever thought I had that much to say? And even stranger, that other people would hang out here regularly and read it? Wow.

That is pretty cool.

We'll have to do this more often.

Between the cold and the cold medicine the inside of my brain keeps slipping into this weird Homer Simpson mode where it just goes "Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhh......" for long stretches of time and I have to keep shaking myself to get it going again.

So I believe I'll just go to bed.

Thursday is going to be Purification Day, Crepe Day, Groundhogs Day, Marmot Day, Hedgehog Day and Sled Dog Day.

Hogs and Dogs and Crepes! Oh my!


  1. Woohoo!! Congrats on 1000! Hope you getting to feeling better soon. Need someone to talk writing with at work haha.
    Veri word is asing...inmate slang for sitting around.

  2. I figured out years ago that cold medicine makes me feel worse than the actual cold, so I don't touch the stuff.

  3. Hee hee. My verification word on that last comment was "Poducks". For some reason that tickles my funny bone.

  4. Once again I agree with Donna. Cold medicine just seems to make things worse.

    1,000 posts!? Good Lord man, that's just sick! Congratulations :D