Monday, February 13, 2012

It's The Freaking Apocalypse!

Oh my freaking Gawd it snowed an entire inch today and people lost their freaking minds.

Stores were jammed. People were all driving like idiots trying to get to the store to stock up on batteries and Pop Tarts.

Why is it every time the weather gets bad they buy up all of the Pop Tarts?

I just don't understand it.

And being at work was no better. Like this place hasn't been here for decades and they have never seen snow before. What the snap?

We have a group of inmates that they always keep on a list that are the "designate snow removal crew". Also known as the "Captains crew". Don't ask me why. I don't know. The Captain never sees them. They should be called the "Yard Sergeants Crew" because he's the guy who always ends up supervising them anyway.

I don't know about A-side, but on B-side they used to keep most of the snow removal guys in 30 house. But some genius decided they could make more money if they had more laundry workers in 30 house so they scattered the snow crew all over the place and didn't tell anybody else.

So we got the adventure of trying to find out where they had all gone to.

Plus, we have little sheds scattered all over the camp with snow shovels and wheelbarrows full of salt and things like that. And we used to have several different sets of keys for those sheds.

Now there's apparently only one set in the Comm room and it's in the restricted key box. Which means you have to get the Captains approval to get them out and then run that one set of keys all over the camp opening up the sheds.

And then afterwards you have to run all over the camp again to lock them up again.

Who is making these decisions?

There was a Dilbert strip once where the boss went on vacation. He said "I bought a talking sock monkey doll. Once a day pull the string and do whatever the sock monkey tells you to do."

I have a sneaking suspicion that if I looked around long enough in the Admin building I would see a talking sock monkey sitting behind one of those desks.

I'm kind of afraid to look.

Tuesday is going to be Ferris Wheel Day and National Heart to Heart Day, my 25th Anniversary (can you believe someone has put up with me for 25 years?), St. Valentines Day and National Cream Filled Chocolates Day.

Someone get that poor woman a Valium!


  1. I stood in front of A-dining with the wind in my face so that the snow stuck to the front of my black uniform and coat. As inmates would come out Sgt. Archer would say, "Hey inmate, say hi to that Yeti." The inmate would look at me and I would hold my hands over my head and go, "GGRRAAAWWWWLLLL!!" Highlight of the day.

    1. TJ- I can just see you guys doing that, too. You and Archer are a dangerous pair.

  2. I want those finger puppets.

    We had about 6 inches of show here in N.E. Ohio and no one gave a crap. Some fool did almost run me off the road, though.

    Long live the Talking Sock Monkey!

    1. Bryan- These people act like it has never snowed here before or something.

      And sometimes I think I would prefer the sock monkey, ya know?

  3. I live in hurricane country (Katrina kicked our butt pretty good) so we see this type of thing every time there is a storm approaching. However, the worst behavior I have seen was a few years ago, when I was in central Alabama when a "snow storm" was "possible". Everyone freaked out; Walmart was a mob scene. Schools were closed. The storm never materialized. My theory is that you can exist for a few days on bread and peanut butter if necessary. And maybe a little bottled water. After Katrina, we existed for quite a while on bottled water, bananas and granola bars. People just like drama.

    1. Anon- What we got was nothing and they freak out and stampeded like frightened herd beasts.

      Stupid people. That's my retirement plan.

  4. Anniversary and Valentine's Day?!! I do hope you have purchased some quality chocolate, some really nice roses, and perhaps a nice piece of jewelery. If not, it's gonna be mighty cold (and not because of the snow!)

    1. Lolamouse- What I bought her for our anniversary was a new Zing laser. Much better than chocolates or flowers, any day. It was what she wanted. I'm out of the doghouse for quite awhile.

  5. Happy Anniversary (sorry I'm late to the party) and Happy V Day! Wow a double header!! *grin*

    I hope you and your better half had a wonderful day, yesterday (as of thirteen minutes ago - we're officially on the fifteenth) And...I hope you were good to Mrs Rev - as in the three things Lolamouse said (no sense in typing it all out again, eh)

    Jenny @ Pearson Report
    Co-Host of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge.
    Twitter: @AprilA2Z

  6. Happy Anniversary Rev. And Miz Rev. 25 years to one gal, good for you both. I'll get to 25 one day, just might take 4 or 5 wives to get there.