Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Wild Postcards From The Edge (Part 1)

So I get this postcard in the mail the other day. I look at it and read it and think "What the snap?" There's no return address. No name. My name and addy is typed on there with a typewriter. Portland, OR postmark.

I puzzle over it for awhile. Finally I thought to myself "That looks like Doc's handwriting. And this sort of thing is right down his alley. I'll bet that's who it is."

So I send an email to my old buddy Doc back home in Portland. I'd looked up the quote online and it was from Jack Handey, who used to be a regular on "Saturday Night Live". I basically said "Okay, pal. You got me."

He had no idea what I was talking about.

The next day I get two more postcards in the mail. This one:
And this one:
Okay, that first one mentioned my sister. So I sent her an email and asked "Did you set me up?"

"Oh, yeah. I did."

"I got the first one from Doc, I think."

"I didn't send him one."

Oops. Guess I'm not a handwriting expert, after all.

"So how many postcards can I expect and from where?"

"I dunno. People got crazy and it got out of hand. I have no idea."

Oh..... my.

The following day I get just the one:
And before you even ask, I have no idea who Josh's Mom is. I don't think Jack Handey sent me the first one and I don't believe George W. Bush sent me that pirate one, either. But that might have been Josh's Mom. I don't know.

They might be clever forgeries.

So anyway, there's the first four. I have seven more to scan in and my sister says "Expect more."

I have an interesting family.

So Wednesday is going to be Kite Flying Day, Boy Scout Day, Laugh and Get Rich Day, Opera Day and Molasses Bar Day.

Mmmm... sticky.....


  1. Great postcards...want one from New Zealand?

    I once sent four cards, a week apart; no return addy, no name...just lots of words for thought (as opposed to food for thought)...was fun!

    Enjoy the mystery - and start collecting postcard - those look great!

    Cheers, Jenny @ Pearson Report
    Co-Host of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge.

    1. Jenny- I'd take one, as long as I knew who sent it! (grin) I've thought about doing that myself. I should have.

  2. That is funny haha. I tried that with texts to my brother but he knows my number....curse you smart phones.

    1. TJ- Does he know Vinnie's handwriting? You two could put your heads together and really mess with somebody's mind....

  3. I was going to point out that the first one was a Jack Handey bit but you beat me to it, darn it. What's the fun of coming here if I can't spot trivial references like that and brag about it in the comments!? ;D

    Also, when that 2nd one mentioned your sister, my thought was, "Oh no, there's some psychopathic ex-inmate looking for revenge." I think I've seen too many movies. Tell me I'm not completely crazy; tell me you didn't think that for a second too.

    1. Bryan- I do worry about that quite often. Some of them know where I live.

      Maybe you can help me figure out some of the rest of these!

  4. Those are some really interesting pictures...

    1. Chanel- I want to know where did she find so many Japanese postcards? Or did she just tell all of these people "Send my brother a Japanese postcard" and let them find their own?